24-54070 Exploring Bosnia and Herzegovinas Historical and Political Landscapes

Collaboration and Resistance in WWII on the Balkans

21.07. - 27.07.2024
Nr. 24-54070
Referent*innen: Nils Kühl und Zoran Vučkovac

Yugoslav WWII monuments stand as patient concrete giants, witnesses to the country's breakup. They embody socialist modernity through brutalist architecture, well-placed sites of historical resistance and suffering. Located amidst breathtaking natural views, they echo the guerrilla warfare of Yugoslav partisans while reflecting the local conditions of existence. 

These memorial sites provide us with profound historical insights, while the beautiful landscapes invite us to embark on hiking trails that offer picturesque views, creating space for contemplation.

Our base for the week will be Banja Luka, the second-largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, strategically situated for easy access to our selection of memorial sites. Banja Luka itself stands out for its rich history and natural attractions that we'll explore through guided city tours and hiking routes.

The memorial complexes we plan to visit were, and continue to be, pivotal to Europe's mnemonic landscape. Crafted by some of the most renowned Balkan architects of the 1960s and 1970s, they transcend mere depictions of wartime suffering. Instead, they provide profound direction and visions for the future. These monuments embody a unique memory narrative, linked to socialist Yugoslavia and its distinct resistance movement. This sets them apart from memory contexts in other parts of Europe, like Germany.

Unlike many European memory landscapes laden with shame and guilt for their WWII roles, Yugoslavia's memorial panorama is infused with hope and utopian aspirations. This optimism, however, was shattered during the violent disintegration of the country in the 1990s. Our guest speakers and guides will expertly connect the historical context of Yugoslav memorials to the contemporary pursuit for peaceful coexistence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Europe at large. Since there will be hiking included, we cannot ensure barrier free access for the program. The program includes walks in mountainous areas around 10km long.

Participation fee (provided that funding is guaranteed):

Double room: 450,00 Euro
Single room: 540,00 Euro
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The participants travel independently and at their own expense.

Please note: Unfortunately, accommodation cannot be guaranteed with a registration after 22.05.2024 due to the reservation conditions at the hotel. However, you are welcome to contact us and we will enquire with the hotel about additional accommodation options. Address your request to beuchel@berlin.arbeitundleben.deAs we are staying in a small hotel in town, there is only a limited choice of rooms. A guarantee of a single room cannot be given. We will check this after registration.

Seminar 24-54070 Exploring Bosnia and Herzegovinas Historical and Political Landscapes
Nummer 24-54070
Datum 21.07.2024 – 26.07.2024
Preis EUR 450,00 – 540,00
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