TechLabs STEAM Camp Goes Virtual! Join us for a STEAM Medley!


No matter where their future takes them, today’s kids will undoubtedly benefit from early exposure to programming. As they are growing up surrounded by digital technology, it’s important that they obtain the right skills and knowledge to help them successfully navigate and compete in our digital world. 

This is a great opportunity for children experience of a variety of STEAM technologies in a fun filled virtual camp setting!

Each day students will work together with on a Medley of STEAM projects (Scratch, TinkerCAD, App Design, and more!)

Students will: 
  ✮  Be introduced to child friendly and fun programming, computer science concepts and skills.
  ✮  Explore the idea of commands, code blocks (loops and functions), conditionality and variables.
  ✮  Learn about 3D printing and design
  ✮  Feel empowered to create things from scratch, with possibilities as endless as their imaginations.
  ✮  Develop other key competencies such as creativity, critical analysis, problem solving, logic, patience, and persistence.

Ages: 7+. 

Course Level: Beginner.

Course Language: English.

Location: Distance learning from your home computer. 

Required resources:

  • Chrome: Computers with internet

  • Zoom: Lesson audio & video presented via Zoom. On the DAY OF the event you will receive a virtual meeting invitation a few hours prior to the start of the event.

Daily virtual camp structure:

  • 9:00-10:30 Lesson 1
  • 10:30-11 Break time. Kids welcome to hang out in virtual chat or take a screen break.
  • 11-12:30 Lesson 2