Interested to learn how to create your very own Mobile App Design?

Join this virtual Intro to App Design class to learn the basics of mobile app design using Thunkable. Students will learn the basic steps for app development as they design a custom user interface, and program it using simple block programming. They will have the opportunity to create functional real world apps for entertainment to useful tools like language translation. Their app ideas come to life on any andriod or iOs mobile device to be shared with family and friends.


Skills You Gain

  • Introduction to and navigation of the Thunkable program
  • Learn about the iterative App Design Process
  • How to plan the user interface and interactions with a UX Wireframe and flowcharts
  • Practice programming skills through simple drag and drop block programming
  • Apply coding concepts to control the logic and behavior of your app. 
  • Test and evaluate your design in real time on your own hand held device.






Example activities

Design fun games that utelize your mobile devices built in sensors like this maze that responds to the tilting of your phone.


Create an app that let’s you turn your speech and into Yoda sounding language using Yoda Speak 

wish list app

Learn about maschine learning and its applications in the real world
as you develop a custom photo recognition app.


Offered As

or Holiday Camp



Prerequisite: none

Minimum group size: A maximum class size of 6 students

Minimum age: Younger students of exceptional proficiency will be considered.

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