Tandem IMS | Summer Camp Jul 15-19 | VR.AR.3D Design Lab

TechLabs | VR.AR.3D Design & Animation Lab | Camp

Are you curious about Virtual Reality? Have you ever wanted to create your very own virtual world to explore? Well now you can!

In Techlabs VR / AR / 3D Design and Animations Camp, you will get to explore the fascinating world of Virtual Reality through hands-on building of your own 3D space.During the week, kids will be able to build and code their own experiences, not just consume them.  We will build 3D content with CoSpaces' user-friendly creation tools & technology. For those looking for an extra challenge, you learn to add interactions and animations with CoBlocks, JavaScript or TypeScript coding

Through this interactive and creative course, kids will learn how to design an immersive world in 3D format. They will explore story creation, character development, and landscapes creation all used to guide the user through their new 3D world. In addition to VR, kids will get to experience creating projects and projecting them as holograms that you can hold, move, and interact with.  

 *** Students will be granted free access to all features of CoSpaces during the Camp***

Virtual RealityCoSpacesJava 
Skill Level: Beginner-Advanced
Skills & Technology: CoSpaces | Merge Cube | CoBlocks| JavaScript | TypeScript | VR Goggles
What you take home: DIY VR Goggles, Merge Cube and access to any software content
What you bring:

Email for sign up for CoSpaces account

Android Device / iPhone (recommended but not obligatory)


Camp Fees: Fees are dependent of the options you select. We offer both a half day (9.00-12:30) and full day (9.00-17.00) camp options. 

The course fee include all necessary software, subscriptions, and hardware, unless stated otherwise in the course description. 

Day Fees: Early arrival 08h00 and late pick-up 18h00 available for
25 chf additional fee per hour
Sibling Rate: Second-child (sibling) student discount of 30CHF/child will be applied to all invoices (for full-term courses, prorated otherwise).
Note: Minimum of 5 students required to start a class


  Les repas ne sont pas inclus dans les honoraires. Penser à preparer un ou deux repas pour les demi et journées entières.
Ages: 9+.
Enrollment: Open to ALL students.
Language: English.
Date 15/07/2019 – 19/07/2019
Heure 09:00 – 17:00
Jour de la semaine Lun, Mar, Mer, Jeu, Ven
Camps 5 Camps
Lieu Tandem IMS Zurich
Seefeldstrasse 111
8008 Zürich
Statut Rejeté
Places disponibles 15
Contact TechLabs
Luftmattstrasse 3
4052 Basel
Tél. 0788470555
E-mail info@techlabs.ch
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