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TechLabs | Junior STEM Lab | Camp
This camp is specifically designed for our younger campers, and seeks to teach STEM, programming, and computer science concepts and skills in a fun & engaging setting using Scottie Go  & Sam Labs

ScottieGo is a tile based game that uses mobile devices or tablets to interpret the code blocks that children build to solve puzzles and challenges.  It is especially great for kids using programming technology for the first time as typing and Operating System interface skills are not required to start learning programming concepts.  Kids use physical tiles to decompose problems and create solutions step by step, which are then scanned using the camera on a mobile device or tablet. The resulting “code” looks like ScratchThe computer then interprets and displays the results in a game-like format.  Kids enjoy the feeling of accomplishment of helping Scottie the robot navigate increasingly challenging tasks while learning about loops/repeat, functions, positive/negative numbers, and if/then conditionals.

Sam Labs blocks are utelized in combination with tablet computers to solve puzzles and challenges.  With the sensor and actuator components in the Sam Labs kit, kids experience rapidly turning their ideas into physical action.  Kids will enjoy many creative challenge that require them to think about expressing a problem in cause and effect terms.
They will build and create unique designs that are enhance with interactive sensors response programs that activate programmable flashing lights, custom sounds, and motion. Like Scottie Go, a key feature of Sam Labs is to enable kids to learn technology problem solving concepts without having typing or programming syntax skills.



Skill Level: Beginner.
Skills & Technology: Basic Programming | Design Thinking | ScottieGo | Sam Labs


Camp Fees: Fees are dependent of the options you select. We offer both a half day (9.00-12:30) and full day (9.00-17.00) camp options. 

The course fee include all necessary software, subscriptions, and hardware, unless stated otherwise in the course description. 

Extended Day Fees: Early arrival 08h00 and late pick-up 18h00 available for 25 chf additional fee per hour

Sibling Rate: Second-child (sibling) student discount of 30CHF/child will be applied to all invoices (for full-term courses, prorated otherwise).

Note: Food is not included in the fees. Please ensure your child brings a healthy snack (Full and Half day campers) and lunch (Full Day campers only) along with them to the camp. 


A minimum of 5 students are required for the start of the class




English. German assistance possible.

Enrollment: Open to all.
Date 15/07/2019 – 19/07/2019
Heure 09:00 – 17:00
Jour de la semaine Lun, Mar, Mer, Jeu, Ven
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09:00 – 17:00 16/07/2019 Braswell Arts Center Braswell Arts Center | Summer Week 3 | Junior STEM Lab
09:00 – 17:00 17/07/2019 Braswell Arts Center Braswell Arts Center | Summer Week 3 | Junior STEM Lab
09:00 – 17:00 18/07/2019 Braswell Arts Center Braswell Arts Center | Summer Week 3 | Junior STEM Lab
09:00 – 17:00 19/07/2019 Braswell Arts Center Braswell Arts Center | Summer Week 3 | Junior STEM Lab