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Description Date Location Time
NW1292 - UTRA Netzwerkoptimierung 24.08.2020 – 28.08.2020 München 09:00 – 16:00
NW1292 - UTRA Netzwerkoptimierung online (halbtägig) 11.01.2021 – 20.01.2021 Online Training 09:00 – 13:00
NW1292 - UTRA Netzwerkoptimierung online (halbtägig) 26.04.2021 – 05.05.2021 Online Training 09:00 – 13:00

UTRA Network Optimization

Course description (english, PDF)

Duration: 5 days

Optimization of the existing 3G networks for the growing number of users becomes more and more of an issue. The special aspects of the interference technology WCDMA lead to the necessity to change 2G optimization strategies or even develop completely new ones. There is also a higher demand on the technological background knowledge of planning and optimization staff for developing and applying 3G optimization strategies.
On one hand, the course aims at explaining the technological background necessary for optimization. On the other hand the participant will be guided through the abundance of optimization tasks, from data collection via evaluation to optimization of hardware and software parameters.

Target Group / Requirements

The course is aimed at planning and optimization staff, who need knowledge of analysis, evaluation and optimization procedures for their daily work with 3G networks. The participant is supposed to have knowledge of UMTS technology.

Course Content

3G Basics

  • UTRA FDD overview
  • UTRA FDD key aspects
  • Accessing the network from the mobile point of view
  • AS and NAS procedures
  • Behaviour  in Dedicated Channel

HSDPA/HSUPA overview

  • HSDPA basics
  • HSUPA basics
  • Key aspects regarding planning and optimization

Network optimization

  • Aims and target of network optimization
  • Workflow (data collection, analysis, optimization, verification)
  • Drop analysis (Layer 1, Layer 3, application layer)
  • Interference analysis (sources, indicators, analysis, solutions)
  • Neighborhood analysis
  • 3G/3G handover optimization
  • Throughput analysis
  • Capacity analysis

Special aspects

  • 3G/2G, 2G/3G optimization
  • Special solutions with cell hierarchies (layering, HCS)
  • Aspects of Indoor solutions
  • Throughput analysis for HSDPA/HSUPA


Certificates are given to all participants at the end of the course about the successful completion.


Course UTRA Network Optimization
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