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Description Date Location Time
NW1221 - Digital PMR – DMR Grundlagen 10.09.2020 – 10.09.2020 München 09:00 – 16:00
NW1221 - Digital PMR – DMR Grundlagen online (halbtägig) 04.03.2021 – 05.03.2021 Online Training 09:00 – 12:00
NW1221 - Digital PMR – DMR Grundlagen online (halbtägig) 10.06.2021 – 11.06.2021 Online Training 09:00 – 12:00

Digital PMR DMR Essentials

Course description (english, PDF)

Duration: 1 day

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is the latest standard developed by ETSI to address the need of small and medium enterprises as well as well as private and public organisations regarding reliable and flexible wireless speech and data communication in a local or regional environment. The DMR technology offered from various manufacturers includes special features to replace analogue technology smoothly.

This course gives a comprehensive overview of DMR with the focus on generic aspects described by the standard highlighting the characteristic of the air interface. We discuss the most important services and features offered by DMR so finally you can judge the advantages of the technology on your own. Finally the course describes the typical network elements of a DMR network together with their function. Those participants involved in the planning, implementation and modernisation of a PMR network can draw a sound conclusion as we also give an overview on the actual PMR market. Furthermore the course enables the participant to deepen the acquired knowledge further in advanced and more specific courses or by self-study.

Target Group / Requirements

The course is intended for a broad audience including analogue PMR users, engineers, other technical and administrative staff involved in the planning, implementation, modernisation, optimisation and further development of PMR networks. The course addresses also technical and administrative personal of enterprises moving towards PMR communication.

Course Content


  • What is DMR?
  • Application scenarios
  • Comparison between DMR and TETRA
  • Brief market overview
  • DMR Organisation and DMR Standard

Air Interface

  • Spectrum aspects
  • Signal structure
  • Channels
  • Signalling
  • Operation modes


  • Speech services (point to point call, group call, unaddressed voice call, all call, broadcast call, emergency call)
  • Data services

Infrastructure and terminals

  • Base stations
  • nodes
  • network characteristics
  • terminals


Certificates are given to all participants at the end of the course about the successful completion.

Course Digital PMR DMR Essentials
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