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Description Date Location Time
NW1248 - LTE Funknetzplanung 25.08.2020 – 26.08.2020 München 09:00 – 16:00
NW1248 - LTE Funknetzplanung online (halbtägig) 10.02.2021 – 12.02.2021 Online Training 09:00 – 13:00
NW1248 - LTE Funknetzplanung online (halbtägig) 26.05.2021 – 28.05.2021 Online Training 09:00 – 13:00

LTE Radio Network Planning

Course description (english, PDF)

Duration: 2 days

Due to the system properties of LTE, the efficient basic planning process plays an important role for network quality and possible data rates. Also the constant coverage extension of the network and changing usage patterns require continuous optimisation and is an additional permanent challenge.

Accordingly, in addition to the introduction to the basics of radio network planning and its system and hardware dependencies, this course offers in a supplementary chapter possibilities for network optimisation. Subjects such as planning and optimisation of coverage, capacity, and network IDs will be explained.

After the course the participants will know about and understand the background of radio network planning. The participant will be able to make sound decisions for the possible usage of software tools. This course teaches knowledge and techniques which are relevant for planning and are independent of particular planning tools.

Target Group / Requirements

This course addresses employees in the area of radio-network planning and optimisation who have sound basic knowledge of GSM and/or UMTS.

Course Content

LTE – System Properties

  • E-UTRAN Architecture
  • OFDM, Frame Structure, Synchronization and Reference Signals in LTE
  • Frequency Bands and Bandwidth options
  • Channel Structure in LTE
  • Frequency Re-Use and Intercell Interference Mitigation
  • L2 Measurements as Input for MIMO and Frequency Selective Scheduling (CQI, RI, PMI)
  • Link Adaption in LTE (Modulation and Coding Scheme)
  • Overview: LTE specific Input Parameter

 Hardware Properties

  • UE (UE Categories, Power Classes,…)
  • eNB (Signal Path, …)

Coverage Planning

  • Sensitivity
  • Propagation Models
  • Link Budget in LTE

Capacity Planning

  • Traffic Model
  • Traffic Simulation
  • Capacity Restrictions in LTE
  • Backhaul Planning in LTE

 Drive Tests and -optimization

  • Measurements in LTE
  • Self-Organizing and –Optimizing Networks

Antenna Considerations

  • Usage of MIMO in LTE (Spatial Multiplexing and Diversity techniques in UL and DL)

Identifier Planning

  • Physical Cell Identifier
  • Tracking Area

Mobility – Neighborhood Planning

  • Intrafrequency, Interfrequency and InterRAT-Mobility in LTE
  • Neighborhood Planning in LTE


Certificates are given to all participants at the end of the course about the successful completion.

Course LTE Radio Network Planning
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