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Description Date Location Time
N1000 - Telekommunikationsnetze 25.11.2020 – 27.11.2020 München 09:00 – 16:00
N1000 - Telekommunikationsnetze online (halbtägig) 01.02.2021 – 05.02.2021 Online Training 09:00 – 12:30
N1000 - Telekommunikationsnetze online (halbtägig) 14.06.2021 – 18.06.2021 Online Training 09:00 – 12:30

Telecommunications Networks

Course description (english, PDF)

Duration: 3 days
If you are wondering how a traditional fixed line telephone network or a mobile network works, then this course is right for you. The course is structured in easy to understand modules which explain the concepts behind this technology. Modern fixed and mobile telecommunications are discussed from the perspectives of data and voice networks.

Target Group / Requirements

The course is focussed to the needs of participants from sales, management and human resources who are new to the subject of telecommunication; and to all others who are interested in a general overview of telecommunications networks. Prerequisite for this course is a general technical basic knowledge.

Course Content

Set-up of a telecommunication network

  • General structure, hierarchies, interfaces
  • Access technologies
    (radio and wired access, analog and ISDN connection, DSL)

Basic Technological Concepts

  • Duplex Methods – two-way simultaneous communication
  • Multiplexing Methods – techniques to share ressources between users
  • Transfer Modes – networking solutions (circuit switching / packet switching)
  • Transmission Networks – network technology (TDM, PTM & ATM)

Traditional Telephone Networks

  • Network Structure and Hierarchy – provide logical representation of network parts
  • Customer Premises Equipment – devices owned by users to connect to the network
  • Access Network – connection between customer equipment and network
  • Core Network – transmission of voice and data traffic inside networks

Mobile Networks

  • Mobile evolution - history of cellular mobile communication up to today
  • GSM Network Components – elements which make up a complete GSM network
  • GSM Radio Interface – transmission over the air from antenna to mobile device

Data Networks

  • Technologies (ATM, Ethernet, TCP/IP) – overview of the various current solutions
  • The Internet – TCP and IP explained with reference to the OSI model
  • Switching and Routing – the difference between a 'router' and a 'switch'
  • LAN – architecture and cabling explained

Mobile Data Networks

  • GSM 2nd and 2.5 Generations – HSCSD, GPRS and EDGE explained
  • 3rd Generation – UMTS networks, standards and multiplexing solutions
  • Data services and platforms – intelligent networks and WAP

Network Convergence

  • Converged networks – everything over one network
  • CS & PS Networks – evolution and needs of circuit and packet switched networks
  • VoIP market trends – why the market is developing real-time services of data networks
  • VoIP network methods – looks into the latest IP solutions providing QoS in IP networks

Trends in Radio Networks

  • Wireless in all areas: WLAN, WiMAX and the others
  • Future ideas: Interworking of technologies


Certificates are given to all participants at the end of the course about the successful completion.


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