Online INFO-Abend zum Wheel of Consent (Konsensrad) DE


My name is Ondra Veltruský. Get to know me and my work with the Wheel of Consent® for free and without obligation.

What is this evening about?

During this evening event, I will talk about my workshops as a certified Wheel of Consent® facilitator and share insights as a sex coach.

໑ What will I learn in a Wheel of Consent® workshop?
໑ What kind of people come to me or my workshops?
໑ What does a typical day in one of my workshops look like?
໑ Why the 3-minute game is the universal tool for communication and consent and how it can elevate your skills in partnership, love, work, and interaction with other people to a new level...

Additionally, there is an opportunity to get a feel for this topic through a short exercise.

Time frame: approximately 1 hour including time for your questions.

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Following the event, there is an opportunity for short 1:1 video sessions to address your individual or personal questions.

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ℹ️ More about the Wheel of Consent®
ℹ️ More about me and my work
ℹ️ How I work with the Wheel of Consent® (Blog post)
ℹ️ To Wheel or Not To Wheel – that is the question here! (Blog post)

⚠️ This workshop will be held in German.

Event Online INFO-Abend zum Wheel of Consent (Konsensrad) DE
Status Open for registrations
Start date 15.07.2024
Weekday Mon
Duration 1 Day(s) - 1 Module
Time 20:00 – 21:00
Price EUR 0,00

Number INF20

            Facilitation: Ondra Veltrusky