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We engage in dialogues daily in various forms, whether they are meetings, negotiations, sessions, or interviews. It always revolves around asking precise questions and presenting convincing arguments. The manner in which we inquire shapes the atmosphere of the dialogue.

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Professional questioning techniques and a keen sense of empathy for conversation partners are essential skills for engaging dialogues.

Target Audience

This advanced course is designed for anyone looking to elevate their communication skills to an advanced level, whether in a professional, social, or customer service context. While prior knowledge from Dialogue Techniques 1-3 is recommended, it is not mandatory. Deepen your understanding of dialogue rules, refine your style, and enhance your persuasiveness.


Input sessions, instructional conversations, interview techniques, quick-wittedness and argumentation exercises, video feedback


1. Dialogue Techniques 4: Advanced Concepts

  • In-depth communication theory
  • Refinement of the sender-receiver model and feedback mechanisms
  • Advanced techniques for active listening and empathetic communication
  • Enhancement of nonverbal communication and body language

2. Dialogue Techniques 5: Special Topics

  • Complex questioning techniques and advanced conversation management
  • Expert-level conflict resolution and handling particularly challenging conversations
  • Emotional intelligence in communication
  • Mastery of the art of constructive feedback

3. Dialogue Techniques 6: Mastery in Application

  • Communication at the leadership level and effective team leadership
  • Excellent customer communication and service optimization
  • Expert-level relationship management
  • Advanced practical exercises and challenging case studies

Course Duration

The Advanced Dialogue Techniques 4-6 course spans over a period of 12 weeks, with a two-hour instructional session held each week.


Hans Bigler, Expert in Moderation and Communication

Paul Rogger, Management Trainer and Communication Specialist


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate attesting to their advanced skills in dialogue techniques at levels 4-6.

Course Copy from dialogue strategies part 4-6
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