CANCELLED - AI Training Series - The LRZ Compute Cloud for AI Support

Due to low demand we unfortunately had to cancel the course.

This course is part of the "LRZ AI Training Series", a series of courses aiming at the needs and expectations of data analytics, big data & AI users at LRZ. While focusing on these particular users and their use cases, this session as well as all other courses offered as part of the AI Training Series are, of course, open to all interested parties.

This course for academic participants from Germany will be organised as an on-site event taking place at LRZ in Garching near Munich. There will be no possibility to join online remotely via video conference.

Participants are expected to bring their own laptops. There are no PCs installed in the course room!


The aim of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to augment the AI workload capabilities of the LRZ AI Systems by using the LRZ Compute Cloud infrastructure. The course consists of mini lectures, and demonstration of several use cases that commonly arise when running certain AI workloads for which the LRZ AI Systems do not necessarily provide an immediate solution. The topics covered are:

  • Fundamentals of cloud computing and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) clouds

  • Using the LRZ Compute Cloud via the web Interface

  • Using the LRZ Compute Cloud via the command line

  • Description of use case scenarios and best-practise solutions

The session is structured as three contents blocks of roughly one and a half hour each:

  • Introduction to fundamentals of Cloud Computing (B)
    • Definition of Cloud Computing (B)
    • Characteristics and Types of Cloud Services (B)
  • Using the LRZ cloud resources via the web interface (B) + (I)
    • Review of ssh keys (B)
    • Introduction to the Compute Cloud web Interface (B)
    • Hands-on session (B) + (I)
      • Create ssh-key (B)
      • Create a Server in the Compute Cloud (B)
      • Security groups and floating IPs for accessing servers (I)
  • Using the LRZ cloud resources via the command line (I)
    • Introduction of the Open Client tools (I)
    • Hands-on session (I) (A)
      • Listing resources (I)
      • Create a Server in the Cloud (I)
  • Description of use case scenarios and best-practise solutions (I)
    • The Compute Cloud for building container images (I)
    • The Compute Cloud for downloading data into DSS containers (I)
    • The Compute Coud for privacy preserving workloads: use case for biomedical applications (I) (A)


  • AI Training Series: Orientation Session
  • AI Training Series: Introduction to the LRZ AI Systems


During the course students will experiment with the LRZ Compute Cloud, create SSH key pairs, spin up and login to VMs on the LRZ Compute Cloud

Content Level

The content level of the course is broken down as:

Beginner's content:



Intermediate content:



Advanced content:



Community-targeted content:






Florent Dufour, Dr. Juan Durillo Barrionuevo, Dr. Naweiluo Zhou (all LRZ)

Prices and Eligibility

The course is open and free of charge for academic participants from Germany.


Please register with your official e-mail address to prove your affiliation.

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Course CANCELLED - AI Training Series - The LRZ Compute Cloud for AI Support
Number hdta7s24
Available places 29
Date 15.07.2024 – 15.07.2024
Price EUR 0.00
Location Leibniz Rechenzentrum
Boltzmannstr. 1
85748 Garching b. München
Room Kursraum 2
Registration deadline 08.07.2024 23:59
No. Date Time Teacher Location Room Description
1 15.07.2024 10:00 – 16:00 Juan Durillo Barrionuevo
Florent Dufour
Naweiluo Zhou
Leibniz Rechenzentrum Kursraum 2 Lecture