Seminar Inca Tradition | Module 1


The spiritual tradition of the Incas is not only a wisdom teaching, but also a pragmatic way of life. By applying easy-to-learn exercises, that you perform with your intention only, you create a powerful path that leads to Elke Steinbach und Hans-Martin Beckindependence, inner strength, integrity, and a loving way with yourself and others.

At the core of this mindset lies your own Inca seed, a metaphysical factor that symbolizes your potential and your strength..

And just as all action of nature is dedicated towards growing a seed, so too is the entire Inca tradition designed to help you develop your potential and grow to the fullest what is inside of you.

Ideal for all professions

Since the tools of the Inca tradition are carried out by intention only, they are very discreet and best suited for medical, therapeutic, teaching and healing professions.

Even though you have already visited other traditions or spiritual schools in the past, this course will provide you with completely new ways to expand your holistic point of view and enlarge your most inner self.

About this seminarTeilnehmer der Kursreihe Inka-Tradition

This flexible training runs for one year and allows you to completely be immersed in the Inca tradition and get a deep understanding of this powerful wisdom teaching. 

All five modules take place in the area of Basel, Switzerland, each at one weekend.


Teachers/ language

Hans-Martin Beck, Elke Steinbach
German with English translation


The first module teaches the basics on which all subsequent modules are based on. Therefore, this course is the only mandatory course of this workshop series. From all other modules (Inca Tradition 2-5), you can choose the building blocks that appeal to you.

In case you already know the three basic exercises saminchakuy, saywachakuy and jucha mijui, Module 1 of this one-year training is not mandatory.

Since this intensive training is limited to 12 participants, we will reserve the seats in the order of the incoming bookings.

The tools of the Inca tradition are carried out by intention only. Therefore, they are very discreet and best suited for medical, therapeutic, teaching and healing professions.

Even though you have already visited other traditions or spiritual schools in the past, this course will provide you with completely new ways to expand your holistic point of view and enlarge your most inner self.

Thanks to all who have participated in this course in recent years. Special thanks go to those who took the time to write us a short response. Below is a small excerpt, which is carried out on request without explicit names:

After this weekend I am so filled with light energy and I have already been able to help two important people with my new power and new insights. ;-) I can hardly believe that I'm so well especially due to my current situation.. ;-) I feel so blessed ...! Thank you for everything!

It is absolutely incredible what happened in my life since I returned from the wprkshop, so I just needed to write. Recently, an important person in my life fell and broke her femoral neck bone. I started to "eat" everything heavy and hand it over to Pachamama. It went so incredibly fast, so easily and naturally. And so much love came back from Pachamama. 

With his down-to-earth and natural style, Hans-Martin teaches us the Inca tradition in a wonderful, humorous way. After the workshops, I always feel very calm and relaxed, but full of energy, which is also perceived by my environment. Statements like "have you been in the mountains at the weekend, you look so relaxed and fresh?" I have certainly heard this three times after the last seminar

I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful and powerful course. I was able to integrate the exercises into my everyday life

I admired you a lot how you did all this. You've formed a group and a great calm team, you helped with the meals, always smiling, answering every question and listening to so many stories. Inside of you there is an admirably great and profound knowledge that you obviously can handle very well. And, you have the gift of communicating this knowledge in a wonderfully and understandable way.  

Hans-Martin is someone who loves and lives the Inca tradition. To me he is a great teacher and I am very grateful to have met him

The workshops with Hans-Martin are so vivid and practical. I experienced him as an authentic and very warm teacher. His enthusiasm for the Inca tradition is so contagious

If you are interested in spirituality and growth, you should definitely visit the Inca tradition workshop with Hans-Martin Beck


In this introductory course you will meet the practical and mystical aspects of the Inca spirituality.

First, you'll learn the basics of the Inca cosmovision and get a deep introduction into the world of the living energies alongside with a lot of exercises. Various initiations give you access to a new level of consciousness as well as a direct connection to the ancestral lineage of the Inca masters. In a short time you will learn to face even the most difficult situations in life in a completely new way and to solve them powerfully. 

The main topics at a glance:

  • The cosmovision of the Incas and the world of living energies

    Comprehensive introduction to the Inca wisdom teaching, the living energies of the universe and how to move effortlessly with and within them

  • Healing and healings

    Cleansing heavy energy and transforming that energy in others to create a harmonious environment

  • Harmonizing complementary energies

    Solving conflicts, coping with problems and maintaining a light way of being by harmonizing opposite energies

  • Initiations

    Exchange your personal power with others and maintain a direct connection to the ancestral lineage of the Inca masters

These two days revolve around our human ability to love and show feelings. For the Incas, love is not a spontaneous event and nothing that happens by chance, but rather a power you can learn, train and use at any time. Love can not only be created at will, but raised to an energy frequency in which even healing is possible.

This training teaches you how to merge your heart and will harmoniously and you will experience how love feels to you. Through a set of powerful group exercises you will feel a great deal of closeness, trust, self-love, and love for other people.

The main topics at a glance:

  • The 7 stages of psycho-spiritual development

    The stages of human consciousness development and their corresponding powers, the human potential and how to bring it to life

  • Reconnection with the Great Father and the Great Mother

    The energetic garment that helps us to balance energies, to maintain a sense of integrity and, above all, self-love

  • Love in three steps

    With the help of simple group exercises, the Incas developed a training that enables people to jointly generate love and make it tangible

  • Birth and death

    Powerful exercises to heal the story of your life  and master the fear of death. To do this we use the power of love

In the high Andes of Peru, descendants of the Incas continue until today to perform mandala ceremonies that include peddles, leaves, sweets, seeds and many other ingredients.

These so-called "despachos" are physical manifestations of Mother Earth and the spirits that arise from giving one's love and devotion as well as knowledge and structure. Everyone can learn and apply these Inca mandalas to make life easier for themselves and others. 

Through your connection with the cosmos, you can create a kind of momentum that moves so much energy that something magical and great emerges: with the help of a despacho hearts may heal, relationships become harmonious, projects succeed or difficulties can be resolved.

The main topics at a glance:

  • Introduction into the art of despacho making

    Overview of structure and ingredients of various despachos. What are we using them for and what is the magic of these ceremonies?

  • The work with the spirits

    You will learn how to work with the respective forces of nature and call them in the right order - from the great living being to the little spirit

  • A weekend full of practice

    In these two days you will learn despachos in different ways. We'll take you step by step, so that you can understand all levels and take notes. We will answer questions and help you wherever possible


These two days will be dedicated to the magic and magical aspects of the Inca tradition. Magic translates as the ability to use supernatural powers to master the problems of everyday life and strengthen one's own power of manifestation.

In those two days you will choose a total of eight helpers (according to a defined list of characteristics) and then learn how to energetically connect with these helpers. They will then teach you and you will learn directly from them in order to receive qualities that complete your personal skills.

The main topics at a glance:

  • See reality as it is

    One of the first exercises with your new helpers will teach you to see reality as reality is, to be able to see opportunities or possible conflicts well in advance and act in a timely manner

  • To speak with power

    This exercise is about finding the right words in important situations and putting so much energy into these words that amazing things can suddenly unfold

  • Feel self-love and generate love

    Two exercises of this Inca tradition aim at being able to feel and perceive how valuable you are (= self-love), and secondly, how to generate an intense feeling of love that you may give to other people, animals or send to places

  • Finding your way

    Your helpers can support you in recognizing your path, and they will provide you with everything you need to walk this this path with confidence and without internal or external restraints

The spiritual tradition of the Andes is based on the fundamental belief that all things in the universe are made out of energy. Since all life comes from Pachamama (Mother Earth), in order to live a harmonious and balanced life, it is necessary to build a healthy connection with her and to be in harmony with her.

This happens, for example, with the help of individual healing sessions in which heavy energy is transformed into light energy, so that physical or psychological sufferings can be alleviated or even solved.

In these three days, you will learn the healing techniques of Francisco Apaza Flores, a Q'eros priest, and you will learn how you apply these specifically to clients in a practice or even with friends and family.

The main topics at a glance:

  • Cleansing and empowering

    Techniques for cleansing (limpia) and empowering (hoqari) the human energy field as well as cleansing and charging the human energy centers (ñawis) as the basis of a healing sessiong

  • Transformation of heavy energy

    You will learn new techniques (and use already learned tools) to perceive and transform blockages in the energy body of a client

  • Soul retrieval

    This is a powerful way to retrieve the life force of a person and integrate it into the energy field. We will show you step by step how to support a person to become whole and vivid again

  • Long-distance treatment

    In the last step you will be able to work with people, even if they are not present. As energy follows attention, in the Inca tradition it does not matter whether we work with people present or across distances



The event center in Therwil, Basel, is easily accessible from the cities of Zurich (about 90 km), Bern (about 100 km) and Straßburg (about 150 km) both by car and public transport.   

Seminar centre Therwil
CH - 4106 Therwil


Inca Tradition | Module 1-4

1. day from 10.00am to 6pm
2. day from 10.00am to 4pm


Inca Tradition | Module 5

1. day from 10.00am to 6pm
2. day from 10.00am to 6pm
3. day from 10.00am to 3pm


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Date 01.02.2020 – 02.02.2020
Registration deadline 30.01.2020
Place Seminarzentrum Therwil
4106 Therwil
Price CHF 400,00 – 480,00
VAT incl.
Duration 2 Day(s) - 1 Module
Status Open for applications
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