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The Inca Path workshop convey the basics of the Inca spirituality in a compact manner in 6 days. This knowledge was passed on to Prof. Juan Núñez del Prado by indigenous masters and high priests, so-called alto mesayoqs, in a continuous exchange for many years.


Prof. Juan Nuñez del Prado

Ivan und Juan Nuñez del PradoIn 1979 Juan began to work with indigenous masters, such as Benito Qoriwaman or Andres Espinosa. In order to understand the lessons of  these people he did not only apply anthropological methods but also used the psychology of C. G. Jung as well as sociology, quantum physics and comparative religion.


Today, he is among the world's most renowned teachers of this wisdom teaching.


Important initiations and basics


Juan and his son Ivan present together the cosmovision of the Inca tradition and teach a huge variety of exercises in a comprehensive, humorous and very open way. They perform important and powerful initiations, interact deeply with participants and share personal experiences with them.


About this seminar


Juan Nuñez del Prado leitet eine Übung anThe Inca Path 1-3 workshop is divided in three 2-day modules, which you can either attend together or one at a time. Depending on the time of your booking, each module costs between 315 EUR and 350 EUR.


If you feel prepared you may also complete Inca Path 1-3 and the Master Class (Inca Path 4) together.


All modules of Inca Path 1-3 build on each other, so we advise you to visit them in the appropriate order. If you book them as a 6-day unit your advantage is that the group energy and also the discussions with the other participants can help you to solve your issues in a smooth way.


Teachers/ language

Prof. Juan Nuñez del Prado, Ivan Nuñez del Prado  
English with German translation




Ideal for all professions

The tools of the Inca tradition are performed  by intention only. Therefore, they are very discreet and best suited for medical, therapeutic, teaching and healing professions.


Even if you have already worked with other traditions or visited other spiritual schools in the past, you will definitely find new opportunities in this course to expand your view on life as well as to enlage your inner self.


Thanks to all who have participated in this course in recent years. Special thanks go to those who took the time to write us a short response. Below is a small excerpt, which is carried out on request without explicit names:

I followed an impulse to attend this seminar, now only deep gratitude is in my heart. At the level of the mind, it is unclear what this encounter means and what triggered it. It's like a "coming home" .... a call that has always been there that I can now consciously follow. The initiations on the fourth level and in two lines of great teachers of the Inca tradition and the meeting with you ... a great gift.

The seminar with Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado was a very impressive experience. These two really manage to express their 40 years of knowledge in a 10-day seminar in such a tangible way. Two months later, my enthusiasm is still palpable, and I use these techniques to deal with energies in my everyday life and work. For me and my clients, this results in greater freedom, a different perspective on life. My life becomes a river that leads to greater clarity. Desires find their way into manifestation.

It was very exciting and a lot to learn yet I am still amazed of their knowledge and skills. This seminar is was very comprehensive, dense and profound..

I look back on a workshop that has enriched me deeply. Not only that a very interesting world view was conveyed in a coherent, understandable and exciting way. You also addressed my heart and you perceived me as a human, not least by showing yourselves with your human side. But we were also allowed to practice exercises from the Inca tradition, which could lead me to new, deeply touching experience horizons. So from a holistic point of view, I perceived with mind, heart and hand - an experience I would not want to miss!

The 6-day workshop was not just about the cosmovision and life of the Incas, but above all about learning ancient spiritual techniques that balance our relationship to the outer world, to the inner world and to each other as human beings can. My favorite? Munay - this is the name of the conscious feeling of love in the Inca tradition. Being able to create that feeling in my heart really impressed me.




The right side of the Inca Path is characterized by its structure and order. In the foreground stands the human ability of thinking and understanding, it is above all about knowledge and wisdom, about the foundations of the Inca tradition.

Juan Nuñez del Prado

The right path: Logic and structure


These two days will teach you essential techniques of the Inca tradition to harmonize the relationship with yourself, your fellow human beings, your environment and nature - your entire life.


The work with male and female energies is of central importance in this spirituality, as a harmonious connection of these two energies has a greater power than either of the two energies considered on their own.


Important ceremonies

With the help of a simple but very powerful ceremony, you exchange your greatest personal strength with the other participants. This initiation is also an introduction to a level of consciousness that enables people to see reality as it really is: without fear, without projections, without prejudice.

You will then receive a direct connection with the spiritual lineage of the last free Inca.



The middle Inca path deals with another great power of humans, namely the ability to love and to feel.

Inka Path workshop with Juan Nuñez del Prado


The middle path: Love as a power


These two days are an intense training that teaches you how to create love and feelings through simple group exercises. 

Previously, the energy centers will be opened in a ceremony and connected by power bands. Then, Juan and Ivan show you how to use these new connections to strengthen yourself and harmonize the energies between you and others.


This knowledge can be helpful, for example, to build a business relationship, to promote a friendship or to intensify a love relationship. 


Moreover, you will learn to transform heavy energy from the past as well as fears of the future to improve your quality of life and live a self-determined life with joy and ease.



In the last two days of this Inca workshop, you will work with the left side of the Inca Path, which is related to the human capacity for action.


Ivan Nuñez del Prado Mesa

The left path: Find your magic


This left side is also referred to as magical side as it teaches exercises that can help you to change your quality of life in a magical way. 


First, you will select eight helpers from a defined list of criteria, and then connect with the energy of each of those helpers in order to expand your own human abilities.

For example, you will be able to create love at will without the help from other people (as was necessary in the Inca Path 2). In addition, the helpers teach you how to speak with power, assess and constantly expand your individual strength. 


Inca Path 3 teaches you how to use your creativity and intuition to recognize your potential, and to strengthen your power of manifestation.



The event center is easily accessible from the cities of Berlin (about 270 km), Hamburg (about 230 km) and Hanover (about 90 km) both by car and public transport.   


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Inca Path 1

1. day from 10.00am to 6pm
2. day from 9.30am to 6pm

Inca Path 2

1. day from 9.30am to 6pm
2. day from 9.30am to 6pm

Inca Path 3

1. day from 9.30am to 6pm
2. day from 9.30am to 3pm


Accommodation or meals are not included in the seminar price. If you would like to stay in the group hotel, you may book your accommodation and meals directly at the Hotel Hessenkopf

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The hotel charges the lump-sum fee only if you don't book accommodation at the hotel and do not have lunch and dinner there on a daily basis. The lump-sum fee covers for the use of the seminar room, the toilets and for the cleaning on site.


Depending on availability, there are also smaller and cheaper single rooms available on request. In case you book a half double room and no other person books the other half of the room, the hotel may charge you the rate for a double room to be used by one person only.




All meals are served as a buffet. There is a choice between vegetarian and meat-based food.

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Cancellation fee

All of Inka World's events are associated with significant financial obligations, such as booking and transaction fees, marketing and travel expenses or car, bus and hotel rentals.


Since the groups are not very large and we use a lot of time for counseling and answering questions, Inka World charges cancellation fees in the event that you cancel your participation before the start of the event. 


These cancellation fees are based on the time of your cancellation and are staggered as follows:

  • Up to 60 days before the start of the event:
    10% of the course fee
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Seminar cancellation insurance

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Date 24.10.2020 – 29.10.2020
Registration deadline 23.10.2020
Place Hotel Hessenkopf
Hessenkopf 5
38644 Goslar
Status Open for applications
Places available
Price € 315,00 – 350,00
VAT incl.