Hatun Karpay (left side)


Hatun Karpay is a 10-day spiritual journey into the heart of the Inca religion and ancient Inca culture. It is the original initiation into the Inca tradition and allows a deep connection with the living energy of the universe.


Connect with the Universe

Blick auf Cusco

Hatun Karpay means more or less "great transformation". This journey is a cycle of initiations and rites to help you train your spirituality and to discover and develop your personal power and potential.


This spiritual journey can also be described as a series of initiations and initiation experiences that have been practiced by the Incas for many centuries and passed on orally from teacher to student.



Today there are three different Hatun Karpays available:


  • the Hatun Karpay right side
  • the Hatun Karpay middle 
  • the Hatun Karpay left side

Machu Picchu, wichtiger Teil der Hatun Karpay Peru

Even if you have visited the same temple in two different Hatun Karpays, you will never do the same there - on the contrary, you may see how differently this temple and the space on which it stands can be used. 


The female aspects


The Hatun Karpay left side consists of a series of initiations to strengthen the feminine aspects of your own development process. The focus of this path lays in growing your intuition and inner perception in order to gain clarity and self-knowledge.

The left aide stands for the action-driven side and supports you in achieving externally visible results in your life as an expression of your inner development.


Grow your potential

Zeremonie in Huanka

During the Hatun Karpay left side you will mainly work with the energies of water, which teaches us how to live our personal strength with vitality, flexibility and compassion.

This energetic process opens people to a new force which, according to the Inca prophecy, is connected to the next higher level of human consciousness, the 5th level.


In addition, this trip offers you authentic first-hand impressions of the culture, the country and the people of the Andes. 


Ancient knowledge

Wissen teilen mit Inka-Meistern in Peru


This spiritual journey is based on the knowledge of the famous master Don Melchor Desa from Wasao (near Cusco) and was passed on by him to Prof. Juan Nuñez del Prado.

This Hatun Karpay takes place at famous power places in the Andes, including Machu Picchu, Moray, Saqsaywaman, the Wiraqocha Temple and Lake Titicaca.


Even if you don't yet know the Inca tradition, you are cordially invited to participate in this spiritual journey. 


Teachers/ language

Prof. Juan Nuñez del Prado, Ivan Nuñez del Prado
Spanish, English, Italian



Day 1 | Sept 15

Tag 1 Hatun Karpay Paña

At 5pm meeting in the hotel lobby.

Introduction with Juan and Ivan Núñez del Prado, in which they convey background and basic knowledge about this spiritual journey as well as the initiations that will begin the next day.


You will also get to know the other group members and find out with whom you share the room with during the trip.


Day 2 | Sept 16

Tag 2 Hatun Karpay Lloqe

This special journey starts with a beautiful ceremony, in which you open yourself to the power of the female spirit of Cusco and connect with the seven levels of the Andean path.


You then travel with the group to an old Inca city to perform powerful water rituals. Later you will connect this place with the power place of Señor de Huanca.


Day 3 | Sept 17

Tag 3 Hatun Karpay Lloqe

Travel to the Sacred Valley of Cusco, the original land of the Incas.

This day takes you and the group to an old place related to healing. Here you get the healing powers of the Lord of Healing.


From there, you'll continue to Pisaq, where you make strong connections with the seven levels of the Inca's spiritual tradition through water.


Day 4 | Sept 18

Tag 4 Hatun Karpay Lloqe

Today you will go through a series of ceremonies - rituals with the female center associated with the power of well-being.


Then a ritual follows with the power of joy and partnership; with the anaconda, the symbol of personal power, the creative power of nature and the powers of the underworld.


In the temple of Sayri Tupac you will finally connect with the power of the feminine.


Day 5 | Sept 19

Tag 5 Hatun Karpay Lloqe

Today you will experience various ceremonies in one of the few Inca cities that have been inhabited throughout the past 500 years.


At the spring of mother water, at the spring of Tawantin (the symbol of perfection), at the spring of Yanantin (harmonious relationship of two different factors) and at the spring of the condor.


Allow yourself to perceive the continuity of the Inca tradition.


Day 6 | Sept 20

Tag 6 Hatun Karpay Lloqe

With the help of Mother Earth you will connect with your eight helpers and with the seven levels of the Andean path. You will also build a connection to a female mountain spirit and the guardian of knowledge with the help of the Willka energy.


Back in Cusco, we will associate ourselves with the image of a child that today is considered a symbol of the power of Cusco.


Day 7 | Sept 21

Tag 7 Hatun Karpay Lloqe

In the ruins of an ancient Inca palace and temple, which now houses an important church, you will release a lot of heavy energy through your connections to the stone of Wiraqocha, the Virgin Mary, the Black Christ and many other energies.


Then follows an initiation into the power of the sacred city of Cusco through the connection with the seven energy centers of the puma.

Tag 8 Hatun Karpay Lloqe


Day 8 | Sept 22

Today we will visit Machu Picchu, the famous ruins above the city of Aguas Calientes.


After a relaxed train ride, the bus will take you up to the city.

At the top you will connect to the sacred city of Machu Picchu and harmonize the powers of the puma and the hummingbird (the symbol for Machu Picchu).


Day 9 | Sept 23

Tag 9 Hatun Karpay Lloqe

On the way to Lake Titicaca, the group will stop at one of South America's largest and most important Inca temples.


There you will hold a ceremony with the four princesses of the water. Then you'll continue to Pucara and then head for Puno at Lake Titicaca.


Day 10 | Sept 24

Tag 10 Hatun Karpay Lloqe

Together with the group you will perform several rituals and ceremonies at the gate of the Anaconda.


This is an extraordinary place, whose remote location and powerful energy underline the quality of this sacred site.


Day 11 | Sept 25

We perform our final exercises and ceremonies at the famous royal tombs and the underwater city of Humayu. This concludes your initiation process, the Hatun Karpay is now over.



Please pay attention to our travel information, which you can find at the top of the page under the tab -> info

  • The Hatun Karpay (left side) starts on Sept 15 at 5pm in Cusco and ends on Sept 25 after breakfast in Puno (Lake Titicaca)
  • Please note the different airports for arrival and departure: Cusco (CUS) airport on arrival and Juliaca (JUL) airport for departure
  • This trip takes place if at minimum of 6 people registered two months in advance. Therefore, please do not book flights and other services until you received written confirmation that this trip actually takes place
  • You don't need any special knowledge of the Inca tradition to participate in this journey. All exercises are explained in English, Spanish and Italian
  • To participate in this spiritual journey we require a minimum of physical stamina. In our opinion it is sufficient if you are able to take one-hour walk at home. In case you are not sure please talk to your doctor
  • Due to unpredictable weather conditions or other factors, the actual itinerary or contents may differ from this description
  • Due to the conditions of the pathways the Hatun Karpay is not suitable for wheelchair users




The Hatun Karpay (left side) starts on Sept 15 in the afternoon at 5pm in Cusco. From there, Juan and Ivan organize the further tour. We will inform you in time about the hotel's name and address.


The End

The event ends on Sept 25 in Puno (close to Lake Titicaca). After finishing the program in the morning a bus will take you to the airport in Juliaca (JUL), arrival time is around 11am.




The price of this spiritual journey is 3.290 EUR.



The invoice is exclusive of VAT, as the mediation is on behalf of Mistic Inca Trail, Ivan Nuñez del Prado.

Please pay 30% of the invoice amount within 1 week after registration and the residul amount 4 weeks before departure. Since we do not send a reminder, we recommend that you make a scheduled transfer for the final payment, which will be executed on time (and automatically).


If it's easier for you, you can also pay the entire invoice within 1 week. When registering 4 weeks before departure, please pay the entire amount immediately.


Services included

The travel price includes the following services::

  • accommodation in half double room (together with another person of the same gender or with the registered partner). First night is from Aug 24 to Aug 25 - last night from Sept 2 to Sept 3
  • 2 meals per day (breakfast and lunchbox or dinner). First meal is breakfast on Aug 25, last meals is breakfast on Sept 3 
  • Bus to the airport in Juliaca in the morning
  • Guided tours and entrance fees
  • All rides in the bus

Services not included

  • Single room (subject to availability, surcharge 950, - EUR)
  • Drinks during dinner
  • Voluntary tips



The Hatun Karpay left side starts in Cusco on Sept 15 at 5pm in Cusco (name and address will be announced in time).

Airport pick-up

All participants organize their journey from the airport in Cusco to the city center themselves. There are a variety of taxis at the airport, and drivers can always identify themselves with an official ID. The trip to the city center costs foreigners between $ 15 and $ 30, depending on language ability and negotiating skills. Many hotels offer to have their guests picked up, which is usually cheaper than calling a taxi at the airport. 

Stay in Cusco

Due to the altitude, we strongly recommend that you plan for 2-3 additional days in advance. You will need this time to adapt to the altitude and these unfamiliar conditions. If you need accommodation in Cusco, we recommend https://booking.com as it lists almost all hotels in the city and you can quickly find a suitable hotel based on the pictures and the current price. Maybe you would like to arrive at the group hotel a few days before the start of your trip and spend some quiet days there. You can also book this via https://booking.com 



The event ends on Sept 25 in Puno (close to Lake Titicaca). After finishing the program in the morning a bus will take you to the airport in Juliaca (JUL), arrival time is around 11am. 



The Hatun Karpay will take place if at least 6 persons have registered until July 16. Therefore, please book flights and other services only after you have received written confirmation from us that this trip wll actually take place.


On all flights to Cusco with a stopover in Lima, suitcases must be picked up in Lima, as the customs control takes place there (as of Sept. 2017). Then the suitcases for the onward flight to Cusco need to be checked in again at the counter of the respective airline. Therefore, consider in Lima a stopover time of at least 3 hours if you fly to Lima on a European / US airline and travel on the same day from there with a local airline to Cusco.


For domestic flights we recommend the airlines LATAM, LC Peru, Avianca, Peruvian and Viva Air. We definitely do not recommend Star Peru as their fleet is outdated and often can not take off or land in fog or bad weather. As a result, you'll run the risk of arriving late at your destination.


Peru has a very good and very varied cuisine. A vegetarian diet is easily possible there, vegan food, however, is unknown in many places. In Cusco itself, for example, there are only one or two vegan restaurants, in most hotels and especially outside the city none, so we can not guarantee vegan food on this trip.


We recommend that participants with food intolerances (gluten, cow's milk, sugar, fruits or vegetables, etc.) bring along essential staples - we will try to deal with each and every one of them with the service staff, but unfortunately we can not guarantee this in advance.



Juan's and Ivan's goal is to book beautiful 3 star hotels (or better) for the entire trip. If you would like a single room for the duration of the trip, you can add it during the registration process. The surcharge is 950 EUR.



You will find general travel information, safety instructions, entry requirements, medical information in Peru and more on the website of the website of your county's Foreign Office. Germany's administration for example states, that passports must be valid for at least 6 months when entering Peru.


When traveling to the designated yellow fever endemic areas of Peru, in particular for the entire Peruvian Amazon, all travelers need to be vaccinated. Coming from Peru, vaccination may be required if you travel to a third country (information: as of January 2017).


Please note that you will NOT visit the Amazon areas during this trip.



Since life is not always predictable, we strongly recommend that you take out a travel cancellation insurance. In many cases this insurance will pay for cancellation fees and therefore save you from financial consequences in case you have to cancel the trip. In addition, a health insurance is certainly necessary, an accident insurance makes sense (but is not mandatory). 


Further information

Two to three months before the start of the journey, we will send you detailed information, including a list of all hotels, a packing list including recommendations, and detailed information on weather/ climate, clothing, cash/ currency, Internet/ WIFI, adapters/ power and more.




Cancellation fees

All of Inka World's events are associated with significant financial obligations, such as booking and transaction fees, marketing and travel expenses, car, bus or hotel rentals. Since groups are not large and we use a considerable time on counseling and answering questions, Inka World will charge cancellation fees in the event that you cancel your participation before the start of the event.


These cancellation fees are based on the time of your cancellation and are staggered as follows:

  • Up to 91 days before the start of the event: 25% of the travel proce
  • 90 to 45 days prior to the start of the event: 50% of the travel price
  • 44 to 15 days prior to the start of the event: 75% of the travel price
  • 14 days or less prior to the start of the event: 90% of the travel price

In case you can not attend the event, you are free to organize a substitute. As soon as this replacement person paid the participation fee in full, you will receive a reimbursement minus a processing fee of 50,- EUR. We will not reimburse bank charges for refunding the participation fee.


Since life is not always predictable, we strongly recommend that you take out a travel cancellation insurance. In many cases this insurance will pay for cancellation fees and therefore save you from financial consequences in case you have to cancel the trip. In addition, a health insurance is certainly necessary, an accident insurance makes sense (but is not mandatory) 




Date 15.09.2022 – 25.09.2022
Registration deadline 16.08.2022
Place Cusco

Price € 3.290,00
VAT incl.
Duration 11 Day(s) - 1 Event
Status Open for applications
Places available