Pachamama Challenge


In the high Andes of Peru, the masters of this tradition perform to this day little powerful ceremonies to manifest wishes and facilitate healing.


Ivan Nuñez del Prado DespachoThese so-called despachos are like mandalas that consist of flowers, leaves, sweets, seeds and many other ingredients.


Manifest wishes


These are physical manifestations of sacred words and blessings made possible by giving all your love and devotion as well as knowledge and structure.


Everybody can learn and use these Inca mandalas to guide their lives in the right direction.


Let magic arise


Despachos are based on the conviction that when people connect to the spiritual world and give with all their heart, they always receive something bigger in return. This connection with the spirits creates a kind of momentum with the cosmos, which moves so much energy that something magical and great can emerge: hearts can heal, relationships can become harmonious, projects can succeed and difficulties can be resolved.


Heart, mind and creativity


Teilnehmer eines Despacho-Kurses

Despacho ceremonies follow a clear and orderly structure, whereby the external structure helps to align yourself with the inner goals and bring them into harmony with your own powers.


These Inca mandalas offer plenty of scope for your own creativity, so that it shows your personality and your spiritual strength.


Teachers/ course language

Prof. Juan Nuñez del Prado, Ivan Nuñez del Prado
English with German translation




This seminar with Juan Nuñez del Prado and his son Ivan takes place on a weekend. The two masters from Peru first perform a despacho, which creates a harmonious group energy and promotes the mutual exchange of knowledge and wisdom amongst the group.


They then give a detailed introduction to the Inca cosmovision, show the fundamental importance of mandalas, and explain from C. G. Jung's point of view the effect of despachos on our human growth process.


So in this seminar you will learn two despachos that you can use for yourself and others to harmonize energies, manifest wishes, and resolve conflicts. You will be accompanied step by step, get detailed explanations and a lot of answers to your questions.


The course fee includes all the necessary ingredients besides the flowers which you will need to bring yourself. Corresponding information will be sent by e-mail approximately one week before the start of the event.


Beginners and advanced energy workers are equally welcome.




In October 2015, Don Francisco Apaza Flores, a Q'ero master from Peru, did a Yachay despacho at a school near Munich with 14 and 15 year old children. Yachay means knowledge or wisdom - and for Don Francisco it was clear that schoolchildren needed exactly that.


14 days later, the class teacher wrote the following message: 


Dear Hans-Martin,

I would like to inform you briefly that since this week the first results of the despacho with Don Francisco show up.

  • the girl, who had wanted more rights for women, was allowed to stand up for her own rights as a woman for the first time
  • the two worst students so far had the best work in the last test!
  • my dyslexic writer suddenly writes legibly
  • the quietest student will answer ten times a day
  • our refugee child is allowed to do another internship for a second week and will probably then receive a training position at the Technical University of Munich

Isn't that amazing?

This is exactly what despachos, the sacred mandalas of the Incas, enable you to do: to connect with the cosmos, to align your power and to achieve harmony (inside and outside). And this starts a powerful process that makes it possible to eventually change your reality ...



The course takes place in Heidelberg and is easily accessible both by car and public transport. 

Rohrbacher Straße 149
DE - 69126 Heidelberg




Day 1 from 10.00am to 5pm
Day 2 from 10.00am to 5pm



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