Working on live parts (AuS)

Instruction "Working on live parts (AuS)" according to DIN VDE 0105-100 and DGUV Rule 113-011

Documentation: The training course counts as instruction in occupational safety in accordance with "Principles of prevention" (DGUV A1), "Electrical systems and equipment" (DGUV A3), DIN VDE 0105-100 (VDE 0105-100) and DGUV Rule 103-011: Each participant receives a personal certificate and an entry in the safety passport (if available).

Excerpt of seminar contents
- Scope of application, legal basics
- Definitions
- Measures to prevent hazards to life and health when working under voltage

Organisational requirements
- Selection of work
- Work instructions
- Selection of persons carrying out the work; PTW
- Authorisation to instruct live working
- Provision of tools, equipment, protection and aids
- First aid

Practical training
- Prerequisites
- Obtaining the competence to work under voltage
- Competence in additional work procedures
- Maintaining the qualification to work under voltage

Carrying out working on live parts (Battery exchange UPS, Pitch systems)
- Work test (practical)

Learning objective test: A written knowledge test is carried out at the end of the training unit, which is considered to have been passed with a 70% completion rate.

Course Working on live parts (AuS)
Number 211019_AuS
Places available 8
Date 19.10.2021 – 19.10.2021
Duration 1 Day(s) - 1 Lesson
Place windskills Wilhelmshaven
Helmholtzstraße 3
26389 Wilhelmshaven
Weekday Tue
Price € 480,00
Contact Heinemann Projektberatung
An der Weinkaje 4
26931 Elsfleth
Tel. 044049875402
Registration deadline 17.10.2021 23:55
Status Open for applications
No. Date Time Description
1 19.10.2021 09:00 – 17:00 Arbeiten unter Spannung (AuS)