GWO - Sea Survival (Basic and Refresher)

Change: From Jan 1st in 2019, the module Sea Survival no longer differentiates between basic und refresher. With the change of the GWO-Standard on 01.10.2018, the content of the basic-Module was redesigned and timely reduced to one day. Thus, the basic and refresher modules are switched in the same way.

Emergency situations at sea require special attention due to the challenging environmental conditions. In scenario-based training situations we simulate realistic emergency situations in order to train the correct behaviour of the participants in dealing with weather conditions, personal protective equipment, 


Extract from training contents
• Legal basis
• Emergency scenarios and hazards at sea
• Subcooling/Hypothermia
• Material science
• Behaviour in hazardous situations
• Putting on personal life-saving equipment
• Collective rescue equipment
• Occupying the life raft
• Drinking and food
• Navigation and orientation
• Contact, signal means and emergency transmitters
• Rescue from the sea by air and water vehicles
• MOB - Man over board
• Boat-Landing and crossover
• Water adaption exercises
• Swimming techniques and use of EBS/STASS
• Use of the survival suit
• Putting on and releasing the life jacket
• Safety jumps from different heights
• Rescue and recovery techniques (Cradle)
• Transport and grip techniques
• Group swimming techniques
• Group behaviour and techniques against cooling (HUDDLE, HELP)
• Behaviour during sighting of floating and flying units

Target group
Persons with activities in wind energy offshore or related industries
• Physical fitness
• Swimmer
• Proof of valid medical examinations in accordance with AWMF guidelines or comparable
Number of participants
maximum of 12 participants
1 day (8 hrs)
• Certificate
• Safety Logbook entry
• Entry in GWO database WINDA
Validity of certificate
2 years
Equipment to bring along
Please bring swimwear, shower utensils, bath slippers and towels to the training.
PPE and life-saving equipment will be provided.


Course GWO - Sea Survival (Basic and Refresher)
Number 211019_SS
Places available 3
Date 19.10.2021 – 19.10.2021
Duration 1 Day(s) - 1 Lesson
Place Maritimes Trainingszentrum Wesermarsch
An der Weinkaje 7
26931 Elsfleth
Weekday Tue
Price € 590,00
VAT excl.
Contact Heinemann Projektberatung
An der Weinkaje 4
26931 Elsfleth
Tel. 044049875402
Registration deadline 18.10.2021 23:55
Status Implementation confirmed
No. Date Time Description
1 19.10.2021 09:00 – 17:00 GWO - Sea Survial (Basic)