GWO - Refresher - First Aid - Betriebl. Ersthelfer



The focus of this module is on the practical application of first aid measures in view of the special challenges in daily work on and in onshore and offshore wind turbines and platforms. The training contents range from the legal and medical basics, the safe handling of existing equipment and available marterial, in particular, to the knowledge and applicatio of procedures and responsibilities of the respective rescue chains on the basis of the basic rescue concepts in onshore and offshore wind energy.


Extract from training contents
• Legal basis
• First aid measures related to geographical situation and occupational hazards
• Implementation of ERC- and AHA-guidelines
• Behaviour at the emergency location; securing, self-protection, emergency call, immediate measures, ABC schema
• Shock conditions
• Wounds and wound care, haemostatis
• Seizure (epilepsy) and stroke (cerebral infarction)
• Thermal damage (burns, frostbite and hypothermia)
• Violence on the head (head injury), concussion
• Asphyxiation (swallowing foreign objects)
• Abdominal injuries, acute diseases of the abdominal cavity with nausea and diarrhoea or vomiting
• Bone and joint injuries
• Mental care of the casualty/patient
• Emergency and accident situations in typical work environments (suspension trauma, burns, electrical accidents, hydraulic accidents, etc.)

Target group
Persons with activities in wind energy or related industries
Proof of a valid GWO First Aid Basic training course
Number of participants
maximum of 12 participants
1 day (8 hrs)
• Certificates (GWO and BG First Aid)
• Safety Logbook entry
• Entry in GWO database WINDA
Validity of certificate
2 years
Equipment to bring along
Clothing suitable for the weather, which may be easily soiled


Course GWO - Refresher - First Aid - Betriebl. Ersthelfer
Number 201209_FAR
Places available 6
Date 09.12.2020 – 09.12.2020
Duration 1 Day(s) - 1 Lesson
Place Maritimes Trainingszentrum Wesermarsch
An der Weinkaje 7
26931 Elsfleth
Weekday Wed
Price € 160,00
VAT excl.
Contact Heinemann Projektberatung
An der Weinkaje 4
26931 Elsfleth
Tel. 044049875402
Registration deadline 08.12.2020 23:55
Status Open for applications
No. Date Time Description
1 09.12.2020 09:00 – 17:00 GWO - Refresher - First Aid