First aid in offshore windparks basic

The training as a First-Aider Offshore corresponds to the current legal situation in Germany (German Occupational Health and Safety Act, DGUV regulations), in implementation of the DGUV information first-aid in offshore wind farms (mostly referred to as a first-aider offshore). It complements/expands the training to become a company first-aider with special content for the medical first aid of persons involved in accidents in the field of offshore wind energy. The special features of the rescue chains associated with the offshore working environment (time to arrival of external specialist personnel, weather - wind, waves, visibility, access to the turbines) are the focus of the use of the extended first aid measures in order to fill the extended period of time safely and effectively with measures. The pracitcal skills will be extensively trained in realistic exercise scenarios and using real-life available material and telemedic support.


Extract from training contents
• General behaviour in the event of accidents/emergencies, rescue in the offshore area
• Establishing contact/checking vital functions
• Respiratory and circulatory disorders
• Fractures, joint injuries
• Threatening bleeding
• Thermal damages
• Eye injuries
• Pain relief
• Scenario training

Target group
Persons with activities in wind energy or related industries
Proof of a valid training as company First-Aider (9 units) - not older than 6 months
Number of participants
maximum of 12 participants
2 days (16 hrs)
• Certificate
• Safety Logbook entry
Validity of certificate
1 year
Equipment to bring along


Course First aid in offshore windparks basic
Number 2000306_EHOA3
Places available 2
Date 04.03.2020 – 06.03.2020
Duration 3 Day(s) - 3 Lessons
Place Maritimes Trainingszentrum Wesermarsch
An der Weinkaje 7
26931 Elsfleth
Weekday Wed, Thu, Fri
Price € 440,00
Contact Heinemann Projektberatung
An der Weinkaje 4
26931 Elsfleth
Tel. 044049875402
Registration deadline 18.02.2020 23:55
Status Fully booked / Deadline expired
No. Date Time Description
1 04.03.2020 09:00 – 17:00 Ersthelfer Offshore Teil I
2 05.03.2020 09:00 – 17:00 Ersthelfer Offshore Teil 2
3 06.03.2020 09:00 – 17:00 Ersthelfer Offshore Teil 3