The European Aviation Safety Agency is working with airlines on a pilot training course that leads to an enhanced qualification. This is being done because the present system produces pilots with licences that make them legally qualified to fly, but half of whom – according to the airlines – are not good enough.The simple CPL/IR produces pilots qualified to fly light piston twins on their own, while airlines need a lot more than that. But for many of those student pilots who follow their CPL/IR course with a basic multi-crew co-operation (MCC), their performance still does not impress the airlines sufficiently to result in a job offer.

Flight school Berlin is following these rules and recommendations on the Boeing 738 Simulator. Our Instructors are either current airline pilots or retired airline pilots with a flying experience of up 28000 hrs. Between 10% and 50% of newly licensed pilots get a job within a year of graduation, and 50% of those will never get work with an airline.Pilots which choose for an MCC on the Beech or similar aircrafts are more in the range of 10% whilst pilots choose for an MCC on the Boeing 738 and a JOC are up to 50%. From 2019, JOC is one of the basic requirements for the new Enhanced MCC Pilot Training to an Airline Pilot Standard. FSB is expected to offer this course in mid-2019.

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