Perth Basic Babywearing Consultant Course BSA33BCPER

Babywearing Consultant Basic Course

The Babywearing Consultant Basic Training is divided into three stages:
Preparatory studies
Practical 3 day course
Self study and submitting of exam

Theoretical background knowledge on babywearing
(Anatomy, physiology, evolution and attachment theory)
Training in front, back and hip carries with a woven wrap and ring slings
Training in the most common baby carriers on the market
Everyday babywearing (tips and tricks)
Case studies and role play
Theory on adult learning

Please see details on the course page for the location of your course

Babywearing School Australia
33 Little Oxford Street
Collingwood Vic 3066
Phone: 0435614833

What to bring to the course:
Your water bottle to refill and a pen, everything else is optional!
You are free to bring all your wraps, carriers, slings and dolls if you have them available already. But please don’t purchase anything prior to the course. We will go over the necessary equipment for your consultancy in detail during the course.
There will be refreshments available during the course.

Here are some topics, extras and perks included in the course along side the knowledge on Babywearing products and mehtods of adult learing, anatomy and theory:

You don't need a wrap (or you don't need to bring any of your wraps to the course). There are different sizes wraps from many manufacturers at every course. You have time during the practical weekend course to test and try out many different wraps so that you can make an informed decision about which wraps you will use for your consultation practice. Brands include Didymos, Storchenwiege, Hoppediz, Girasol, Fidella, Oscha, Emeibaby, Kokadi, Pollora, JMPBB, ByKay, Hugabub, Tekhni, Bloomyloom and many more.

Ring Slings
There are lots of different Ring Slings for you to try out, as well. Have a feel and see which one you like best for teaching.
Brands include Didymos, Storchenwiege, Hoppediz, Girasol, Fidella, Emeibaby, Kokadi, JMPBB, Hugabub and many more.

Babywearing Dolls
During the practical weekend course there are one or more professional Babywearing Doll(s) per participant available. You can practice with professional Babywearing Dolls in different sizes from different makers, and decide which one to get after the course. Good dolls are expensive and trying out is the best thing you can do to prevent buying one you don't like. After every course we get the feedback that this was especially helpful as the doll makes all the difference.

Carriers are a big part of our courses. During the basic course you will get to know the most important carriers in Australia. We point out all the differences and you will learn how to assess and use an unknown carrier. You try out all the different carriers with different dolls and you learn the techniques to fit and optimize them. Brands include Didymos, Hoppediz, Girasol, Fidella, Emeibaby, Kokadi, Buzzidil, Ergobaby, Manduca, Tula, Kinderpack, Angelpack, Neobulle, Boba, Connecta, Cybex and many more.

Reference Book
As a part of the course you will receive a comprehensive reference book 2 weeks before the practical weekend course. It is a great compilation of babywearing facts and pictures. It will become an essential and vital work of reference for your practice as a Babywearing Educator.

Locations vary. Please see details on the listed course.
Courses are held all over Australia, so you can save on travel and accommodation costs.
All our courses are held in beautiful and light filled studios with floor to ceiling mirrors. Mirrors are important as they ensure that you can observe and study your tying techniques carefully to ensure you are learning the correct methods.
Locations will always be central and easy to reach by public transport, with accommodation for all budgets and needs close by.

Children in the course
You can bring your child with you to the course, however it is highly preferable if a carer (grandma, dad, babysitter) could come to accompany them. We have had a lot of courses where babies were present, but in our experience mum or dad (yes we have some wonderful male babywearing consultants as well) and the other participants benefit greatly when they can study, practice and focus on the course without distraction and in a calm atmosphere. Of course the carer can come with your baby into the course whenever your baby needs you for feeds, cuddles or comfort.

During the basic course you will receive tips on how to promote your services as a Babywearing Consultant. After you have passed your exam your contact details will be on the website along with your photo and an overwiew of your services.

After the course you will get access to our private Facebook group where you can network with your colleagues and get online help and input.

Starting your business
Sole trader? ABN? Insurance? Tax? Confused? During the Basic course you will get all the information you need to decide how to best set up your business in Babywearing wether it be as a consultant or manufacturer or retailer, including basic knowledge on laws and restrictions regulating the industry in Australia to basics on accounting and all other business fields

Consultations (your new daily work routine)
How do you structure a consultation? What do you need to know before hand? From call to consultation, theory to practice, you will get all the info you need to learn how to counsel parents and help them find the optimal carrying option for their child. We talk through the daily routine of a Babywearing Consultant with lots of role-plays and real life situations from my previous work with parents and babywearing education.

After you have passed the Basic Course Exam you can use the title of approved Babywearing Consultant by the Babywearing School Australia, including our approval stamp. Your photo will be listed on the website for interested clients to find.
The exam is a great quality control measure and gives you the reassurance that you are well prepared for your first consultation.

Keep up to date
We give you access to regular Babywearing Consultant meetings, workshops to develop further and videos to keep your knowledge up to date and make keeping up in a fast changing industry a breeze.

Fun is an important part of the training with us!
Active learning is emphasized. You are in for a practical study weekend with lots of discussions, hands on advice, passion and love for science, empiric studies and babywearing!?
If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Course Perth Basic Babywearing Consultant Course BSA33BCPER
Places available 10
Date 07/04/2020 – 09/04/2020
Duration 1 Lesson
Price $ 850.00
Contact Babywearing School Australia
33 Little Oxford Street
3066 Collingwood
Tel. 0435614833
Registration deadline 07/04/2020 12:00 am
Status Open for applications
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