Discussions between the generations - working together across generations in fut

What will it take to successfully build teams in companies in future? How can all generations work together in a way that is mutually supportive and stimulating? How can many years of knowledge and experience be combined with the young, fresh spirit of generation Z to lead to greater corporate success?
These are questions that require answers and, with GenTalks, we are creating a framework for exchange, inspiration and finding new ways to work together effectively and productively.

The focus: connecting generations!
The Leadership Choices coaches will create a space which will focus on seeing the individual behind the stereotypes and to exchange competencies across generations. We will bring the 18 to 23-year-olds to the table for you. In our GenTalk workshop you will become acquainted with and be able to understand different perspectives. We will also be discussing values and different styles of working, discovering surprising similarities ‒ and you will be able to experience first-hand working in cross-generational teams in our workshop.




Or by arrangement with our contact person Stefanie Arnold
using:stefanie.arnold@leadership-choices.de or 0171 9525883



  • Cross-generational competencies in companies

  • What’s new with GenZ – what can we expect from GenZ? What do they need?

  • Differences and similarities– which values guide us?

  • Connecting generations in your company – with added value

  • Examples and ideas on action-guided implementation



  • Innovative workshop format with different generations

  • ”Speed-dating”, group work

  • Taking action, observing & discussing

  • Input from the Leadership Choices coach & members of the next generations

Target group:

The varied and inspiring GenTalks format is specifically aimed at executives and HR who are looking for new impulses to assemble successful, cross-generational teams based on their broad range of experience. How can the advantages of all experience groups ‒ from newcomers of GenZ to experienced colleagues ‒ be used strategically and effectively to ensure the company’s success in future? If required, this can be discussed with regard to change teams?



Dr. Ulrike C. Straßer. Partner of Leadership Choices and Founder of aboutGenZ. With gentle persistence and a lot of patience, Ulrike bridges the gaps in her groups of participants.
Marie Strasser. Junior Consultant of aboutGenZ. Young, assertive and self-confident, she embodies the new generation Z and brings structure, business psychology expertise and humor to the table.


Language: English (this workshop is also available in german at another time)

Faculty: Ulrike & Marie Strasser

“Generation Z is coming now! Use the change in values as an opportunity - come together with the new generations in a focused way.”

Start date 27.11.2020
Time 10:00 – 18:00
Price € 1.000,00
VAT excl.
Registration deadline 13.11.2020
Number No. 12e
Place Wiesbaden
Luisenplatz 1
65185 Wiesbaden