My leadership style - the potential and effect of female leadership

Lead you inner wolrd

Today, to say “to lead like a woman” is often regarded as a compliment. This expression encompasses: seeing things from different perspectives, promoting empowerment, networking and emotional intelligence. The key question of this workshop is: how can you become aware of the advantages of your leadership style and generate real leverage from this?

The focus will be on:
What is your leadership style: for yourself and the staff around you? How do you manage the challenges you face? How do you use your leadership style to move things forward and to inspire the people you are in charge of? How do you positively enhance the leadership style of your male colleagues in the executive team?

By reflecting on your own professional situation and exchanging ideas with colleagues, you will be given practical tools and incentives for professionally managing your personal challenges.

The workshop offers you a safe and confidential space within a peer group in which you can mutually support each other and continue to develop your own style (of leadership).




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  • Reflecting on your own leadership style and analysing the impact on yourself and on others around you

  • Inspiration: making small behavioural adjustments to achieve a major impact

  • Discussion: How can you pursue your career/life in a meaningful/sustainable way? What does this require?

  • Reflection in a safe setting: managerial situations, issues and personal challenges

  • Gain new perspectives, input, advice and support in order to grow further in your role


  • Workshop format with a mix of input, stimulus, individual and partner reflection, discussions and presentations in working groups

  • Reflection on internal motivation

  • Analysis of the variables of your leadership style: leadership situations, leadership behaviour, natural and learned competencies, your impact on others, and feedback

  • Peer coaching based on the GROW model

Zielgruppe: Female executives and female HR managers who want to promote this format in their own company
Faculty: Dr. Ulrike C. Straßer. Partner in Leadership Choices. Taking a feminine approach and with a lot of patience Ulrike motivates managers. She offers a confidential environment, thus enabling personal growth.
Sprache: english (also available in german)

Faculty: Ulrike Strasser

„Weibliche Führungskräfte können ihre Stärken mit großer Hebelwirkung nutzen!“

Start date 17.09.2020
Time 10:00 – 18:00
Price € 800,00
VAT excl.
Registration deadline 03.09.2020
Number No. 2e
Place Wiesbaden
Luisenplatz 1
65185 Wiesbaden