Dealing with conflicts and crisis

Colliding goals and perspectives are quite normal in our complex business world. For many of us it is tough to achieve powerful agreements with benefits for all parties involved. When becoming aware that we are in the middle of a conflict we often try to solve the situation with our preferred standard behavior. But is this the best practice for success?
Focus: Strategically and successfully dealing with conflicts and crises
Companies and their environment change quite frequently. During their career most of the managers experience disruptions in business and private life. However only few develop a kind of mastery to handle setbacks.
Many of us don’t like to name it a “crisis” as it sounds like a weakness. Wouldn’t it be great to know best practices or even find pragmatic formulas to handle those kind of unpleasant situations?



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  • Reflection of group cases and challenges – what are success criteria and what are battles to avoid fighting in the wrong way?

  • Discover and develop emotional intelligence

  • Professional analysis of conflicts and how to develop mastery

  • Analysis of past setbacks: awareness of personal behavioral patterns and their supportive or missing contribution to a positive outcome

  • Discover ways to strengthen yourself and your team/peers



  • Participant-oriented class of professionals with high level of interaction and fun.

  • Personal reflection and development of the most successful approaches in specific conflict and crisis situation.

  • Immediate feedback for improvements by trainer and group after each exercise.

  • Multipoint method for further development of the action plan.

  • Personality instruments with individual results

  • Professional analysis of personal influencing indicators with alternative approaches for personal development


Leaders with solid level of experience and senior consultants, faced with colliding perspectives and changes in their business and private environment.



Thomas Plingen. Partner in Leadership Choices and former CEO. Thomas is dedicated to effective conflict clarification and accompanies his participants in clarifying resistances and conflicts with positive energy and diverse scope for action.


Sprache: Deutsch

Faculty: Thomas Plingen

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Start date 01.12.2020
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