The Resilient Organization

Do you sometimes wonder how your organization could develop more crisis intelligence in order to cope with adversity more effectively? If so, this workshop might be of interest to you.
A while ago, we asked ourselves the question: what can we learn from organizations that thrive over a long period of time?

Focus: Protective factors for resilient organizations
Our research on the resilience of different types of company, which culminated in the book “The Resilient Organization”, showed that the protective factors that make up corporate resilience consist of both proactive and reactive measures, creating a mix of stability and robustness on the one hand, and flexibility and agility on the other.

Based on the work of Laloux, Glasl, Lievegoed and many others, we have developed a universal framework for organizational development, mapped it to the protective factors and bundled these insights in the FiRE Model of Organizational Resilience.
This organizational development methodology presents all known protective factors in a structured way, thus helping organizations and their managers to positively impact their companies to better prepare for the future. 
In this workshop, you will learn about the FiRE Model of Organizational Resilience and how it can be applied to your organization.



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  • How does organizational resilience work

  • What you need to know about systems and their dynamics

  • Different types of system: a framework for the development of organizations

  • The FiRE Model of Organizational Resilience & how to apply it in practice



  • Interactive lecture on organizational resilience

  • Step-by-step development of a model

  • Individual reflections and peer group exercises

Target group:

This workshop is targeted at leaders, organizational consultants and business coaches who want to positively impact the longevity, robustness and adaptability of their eco-system.



Karsten Drath. Co-Founder and Managing Partner with Leadership Choices.
Karsten has been a Leadership Coach since 2006 and is accredited by the International Coach Federation, Fairfax, the World Economic Forum, Geneva and the Center for Creative Leadership, Brussels. He has published numerous articles and books on leadership, authenticity, coaching and resilience. He is also a certified psychotherapist and lecturer at the Center for Responsible Leadership at WHU in Koblenz.


Language: English (this workshop is also available in german at another time)

Faculty: Karsten Drath

“Foster the immune system of organizations!”

Start date 10.07.2020
Time 10:00 – 18:00
Price € 800,00
VAT excl.
Registration deadline 26.06.2020
Number No. 16e
Place Wiesbaden
Luisenplatz 1
65185 Wiesbaden