Measuring the Effectiveness of Resilience - the Executive FIRE Index

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In the last ten years of work in the field of resilience, we have developed the FiRE model of Executive Resilience, a powerful method to improve the ability of executives to cope with adversity, uncertainty and pressure. FiRE stands for “Factors improving Resilience Effectiveness”. Part of our endeavours to help leaders improve their level of resilience involved developing the Executive FiRE Index, a cutting-edge personality instrument that measures the degree to which an individual has incorporated best practices and customs for dealing with stress in everyday life.

The Executive FiRE Index measures the stress and ambiguity tolerance that is innate to an individual’s personality, i.e. their traits. It also measures the effectiveness of a person’s self-management and coping strategies, i.e. their habits, as well as their current level of well-being, i.e. the state.




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  • How resilience works in a nutshell

  • Foundations of the FiRE (Factors Improving Resilience Effectiveness®) model

  • The ideas behind the Executive FiRE Index

  • Review of the development of a questionnaire



  • Interactive workshop setting

  • Individual reflections, peer exercises and sample debriefings of the questionnaire

  • Certification session: upon completion of the course, you will be eligible to administering and debriefing the Executive FiRE Index

Target group:

This workshop is targeted to coaches and HR professionals who wish to incorporate the Executive FiRE Index in their work with executives.



Karsten Drath. Managing Partner at Leadership Choices, serial author and lecturer at the German business school WHU. Karsten is the intellectual father of the Executive Fire Model and an active driver of our Spiral Leadership model.


Language: English (this workshop is also available in german at another time)

Faculty: Karsten Drath

“Get your colleagues and clients in better mental shape and ready for what life has in store!”

Start date 19.11.2019
Time 10:00 – 18:00
Price € 800,00
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Place Wiesbaden
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1 19.11.2019 10:00 – 18:00 Karsten Drath Measuring Resilience