Encouraging trust & expanding loyalty

The way people work together in a company (managers, employees, all relevant stakeholders) has a massive impact on its results. The better we understand how greater trust within an organisation improves collaboration and results, the more important the role of those leaders becomes who can build it.

The focus: trust & loyalty Leadership always has consequences, and trust is the glue between the parties involved.

Become more aware of how you build and develop trust and trusting relationships. Discover new (and perhaps surprising) ways of learning to trust others.
Recognise how others trust you. Get to know the Executive Trust Index and develop your own action plan to build more trust in your environment.


Event in german



Only by arrangement with our contact person Stefanie Arnold
using:stefanie.arnold@leadership-choices.de or 0171 9525883




  • Corporate climate: how do executives directly influence aspects of performance with their behaviour?

  • XLNC_c: an innovative diagnostic tool for measuring the corporate climate

  • Evaluating the climate factors and taking a targeted look at the dimensions of trust: credibility, autonomy & (a sense of) safety

  • Personal recommendations for action for building trust

  • Trust as a basis for loyalty in the business world of today



  • Running the XLNC_c analysis tool before the workshop

  • Individual evaluation of the results

  • Impulses from the Leadership Choices Executive Coach

  • Discussions in small groups and in the plenary session

  • Creation of one’s own action plan for building more trust in one’s everyday working environment

Target group:

Experienced leaders who are looking for inspiration and who want to develop their skills further; those who are curious to work on something without already knowing everything about it.



Karsten Drath. Co-founder and Managing Partner at Leadership Choices.
He has been a Leadership Coach since 2006 and has been accredited by the International Coach Federation in Fairfax, the World Economic Forum in Geneva and the Center for Creative Leadership in Brussels. He has published numerous articles and books on the topics of leadership, authenticity, coaching and resilience. Furthermore, he is a certified psychotherapist and lecturer at the Center for Responsible Leadership of the WHU in Coblenz.


Language: English (This masterclass can take place on your company premises in German or in English, whatever you requires )

Faculty: Karsten Drath

“Trust is a special way of showing courage.”

Registration deadline 31.12.2020
Number No. 100e