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The ‘HIGH’ school for ADVANCED 
– IRIS competence level 3 –


We are the BENCHMARK in IRIS training and below we provide fair and transparent insight into our training services. With us you make the right choice and invest your time with the best possible return. Please register for the seminar as soon as possible. We need to know asap if we will reach the minimum number of participants, otherwise we must cancel this offer and pursue other businesses.Your registration can be cancelled by either party in accordance with our terms and conditions prior to the start of the event. Cancellation is free of charge until the registration deadline. If you have never booked a seminar with us, you can review the registration procedure here on page 6 link.

Context: ISO/TC 269 Working Group 5 developed an updated ISO/TS/DIS/FDIS 22163 to upgrade the requirements to a higher level and achieve global consensus. This means, that ISO/TS 22163:2017 upgraded to ISO 22163:2023 and IRIS Certification® Conformity Assessment: 2020 upgraded to IRIS Certification® Performance Assessment: 2023. In this transition it is utmost important to quickly understand all changes and modifications in order to maintain your IRIS Certificate, including the IRIS Quality Performance Levels such as SILVER or GOLD. This seminar will facilitate and help to better understand all the new requirements and how to manage the change implementation in the most reasonable way.

Be surprised by the new training contents! These are even more focused on business process efficiency as well as their applicability in daily practice and a MUST for all who strive for SILVER or GOLD. The added value of our training courses lies not only in the competent explanation of the topics, contexts and backgrounds, but much more in the time saved after the course. For the first time, we will provide you with all the practical examples shown during the training in editable Office versions after the seminar. We are very sure that the training courses of the IRIS Academy will continue to maintain their global top position, and this despite exploding hotel costs still at average daily prices.

Trainer: Andreas Heinzmann 
as usual in the IRIS Academy, we will share our best knowledge first hand with you! In line with our credo The Best for the Best in the Rail Industry”, Andreas Heinzmann will present this seminar. He is a founder of the IRIS system and was the first president of the IRIS Group. Under his leadership, the certification system has been developed. Hence, he has been and still is a major contributor to all previous revisions. Among other things, he was also a member of the five-member team of experts, which has worked out the draft of the ISO/TS 22163 standard and gave numerous comments concerning the ISO DIS 22163  download comments. He provides  first-hand information that hardly anyone else could deliver. In addition, he motivates participants to deploy the IRIS requirements by explaining the usefulness and interrelations between the IRIS requirements, and by providing a wealth of context information and practical examples of the rail industry. He promotes a modern, user-friendly and lean set of visual business processes in a very clear structure.  He will discuss good solutions that will bring you forward on your way to GOLD. However, due to his independence, he is not afraid to openly address the numerous technical errors published with the new ISO 22163:2023.

Objectives: This course provides new inside, but also refreshes exiting knowledge. Amongs all the new information around the IRIS Scheme update, it addresses also other topics, including important IRIS guidelines.. This semonar builds on the IRIS basics and gives on top numerous time-saving practical tips on how to achieve Silver or Gold efficiently (many exercises and interesting topics for IRIS professionals).

Target group: this course requires IRIS skills and achievements such as either the degree of an Internal IRIS Auditor or an IRIS Manager. Furthermore, all process owners and process experts are invited who take care of the continual improvement of their business management systems. This seminar complements our internal IRIS Auditor or former IRIS Manager training. Therefore, we will not repeat IRIS basics or content of the previous seminar as you should already understand how to implement all fundamental mandatory requirements of ISO 22163 and ISO 9001. 20 hours seminar is not very much time. Therefore, we will mainly focus on updates and those optional processes that were not covered in the 1st seminar, but at the same time we will also go into more challenging topics such as configuration-, requirements- and project management to help you further develop your RQMS.

Content: Specifically, we will elaborate on the following topics:

  • understanding the differences between ISO/TS 22163:2017 and ISO 221263:2023 as well as IRIS Certification® Conformity Assessment: 2020 to the IRIS Certification® Performance Assessment: 2023.
  • discussion of the change impact on all mandatory and optional processes, their interactions with other processes, their meaningfulness and priorities during the transition phase,
  • solutions to implement changing requirements in business processes (Flowcharts),
  • IRIS Guideline 1:2020 KPIs, Guideline 2: 2022 FIRST ARTICLE INSPECTION, Guideline 4: 2022 RAMS / LCC, Guideline 5: 2022 OBSOLESCENCE MANAGEMENT Guideline 6: 2020 SPECIAL PROCESSES, Guideline 8:2022 CONFIGURATION AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT, IRIS Guideline 10: 2021 PROJECT MANAGEMENT, sowie CC-Rail Guideline1:2022: RISK AND OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT,
  • Transition phase and rules for upgrading from Rev.03  to Rev.04,
  • many other topics, including exercises and valuable templates for your further direct use (all in all, these are more than 30 useful templates or internationally proven solutions, which you can immediately fit seamlessly into your own system. In addition, there are also numerous links to further specific business topics).
  • mutual exchange and discuss best practices of the railway industry.
  • all topics are didactically prepared in a conference booklet. In the past, our training materials have been awarded top marks by many participants. We are sure that you will also refer to this booklet more often in the future. We make every effort to keep all our documentation up to date. Our booklets are used as a guide and benchmark by many companies around the world.
  • for a better understanding of the content structure of our IRIS training system, please refer to this  qualification matrix of IRIS knowledge (skill levels 1-4).

Knowledge of and experiences with ISO/TS 2263 would be an advantage.

Duration: 5 exciting and intensive days, 20 seminar hours (5 x 4 hours) will be spread over a period of one weeks. We split the training in modules and provide 2 x 2 hours lessons per day. Currently it is planned starting daily at 13:00 and finishing 17:00 (Berlin Time). However we will modify the proposed schedule in accodance to the time ziones of the participants in order to make it convenient as much as possible for all. Please add daily 30 Minutes as a contingency, in case it will take a little bit longer.
Please save these dates in your calendar and download download the  agenda.from our server.

Technology & Equipment required: We will provide invitation links to ZOOM meetings. You can open the link with your browser or in your ZOOM app. For you, there are no additional cost due to the use of ZOOM. We will test the techology some days prior to start..You need:

  • PC, Laptop or Pad, incl. headset (mirophone and speaker, cam isn't required),
  • ZOOM app (optional).

Seminar fee: 1,650 EUR total price for your participation in 20 training hours, includes: extensive documentation for seminar preparation, execution and follow-up, the shipment of your high-quality color-printed conference booklet comprising approx. 140 bound pages,, your certificate, numerous best practices provided electronically after the seminar. Please send us your shipping address (business or privat address) immediately after seminar booking, but no later than 3 weeks before the seminar will start. To support your internal purchasing process, you will receive a pro forma invoice in advance. The official invoice will be emailed once the event is guaranteed (no later than 4 weeks prior to the start date). Despite inflation, our converted daily rates continue to be at or below the price levels of our competitors.

Discount rates (valid from reaching the minimum number of participants): for simultaneous registration of 2 persons from one company: 5%, and for 3 or more persons: 10%..

Proof of performance: You will award a certificate as INTERNAL IRIS LEAD AUDITOR (valid for the next 3 years), including a detailed proof of achievement..

Language: the lecture and seminar documents are in English.

Handout sample: please download a preliminary read sample.

Customer satisfaction: CC-Rail is the world's first and still the only provider of a comprehensive IRIS training concept that meets a wide variety of requirements, ranging from 2-day events to challenging 40-hour IRIS seminars. We have invested more than 1200 hours in all these seminar preparations and offer much more than just assisted reading. The IRIS Academy has been the HIGH SCHOOL” for managers in the railway industry since 2009. It is globally known and highly appreciated in the industry for its unique training standard according to its motto only the best for the bests” as well as for its exceptional practical proximity. So far, more than 1800 managers from all continents have benefited from the seminars offered by the IRIS Academy. 95% of them rated our courses as EXCELLENT” and recommend this to others. Hence you can look forward to a seminar that exceptional differs from events of other providers.

Minimum number of participants: 8 / max. 12

In case of specific questions, please send an e-mail to We try to respond within 24 hours.


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Kurs IRIS refresher + extension, Rev.04 update for advanced - C256 online
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Datum 23.09.2024 – 27.09.2024
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Ort online seminar

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