UNFOLDING YOUR AWARENESS - Morning Session Embodyment, Contemplation & Process


TIMING   07:00 - 7:45 Uhr / guidance   |   7:45 - 08:00 Uhr / sharing (optional)

PRICING   Participation is free to allow everybody interessted in change to join. Please feel free to donate, what seems appropriate through this link http://paypal.me/artandawareness

LINK TO SESSION   →    https://zoom.us/j/161544521

REVIEW   "Right after the beginning, I could allways feel, how deep in my mind. At the same moment, I could feel the entire body, every tension and relaxedness. The deep, slow breathing helped me to bring relaxation to my body. Also, I still use this kind of breath in my „normal“ life and realize each time, how quick it helps me to get relaxed. At the middle of the sessions my usually precise feeling of time switched off and time didn’t exist anymore till the end of the session. I enjoyed this feeling very much and I am happy, that I tried it in this semester. Week for week, being more balanced and better grounded after our sessions, I was able to master all my daily challenges with more tranquility and joy." D.B.

SEMINAR   This English-language audio session offer allows you to reconnect with yourself and reboot your cellular aliveness whilst discovering the power, freedom and integrity of self-embodiment. We build up a relaxed connection to ourselves, our experiences and the world that allows us to start the day in a more relaxed and centered way, with less inner and outer pressure and dissociation.

MORE   This offer for friends of "Schöner-Leben-Institut" (Institute for beautiful living) combines the best of the Alexander-Technique, Psychosynthesis, Sumarah- and Vipassana-Meditation and Psychology of Vision. It is a fully contemplative guided inner work through the direction and sounds wich takes place each Thursday morning from 7 until 8 am German time on Zoom-Audio. We will also guide you to work on the quality and ease of your sitting position. "As all of Torstens seminars, this event offers a very specific frequency differing from all other events by the calm and level of relaxedness.

TECHNICAL   comfortable & warm seat with backrest  |  good internet connection  |  Zoom-App  |  headset  |  water  |  It is recommended to check the technology before the first meeting!

Online-Kurs UNFOLDING YOUR AWARENESS - Morning Session Embodyment, Contemplation & Process
Datum 21.12.2023 – 21.12.2023
Zeit 07:00 – 08:00
Preis EUR 0,00
Ort ONLINE - Zoom-Audio