Fascial Fitness Recertification Course September



This Course is a follow up for all certified Fascial Fitness Trainers who are eager to be on top of  the latest  fascia research findings.

In case your  certification is already two years ago, than this recertification day  is required to keep your status as certified Fascial Fitness Trainer according to the statutes of the FFA. The occasion is perfect, as this course is linked to the Fascial Fitness Summit and offered in English language.

Due to a high activity of  the fascia researchers there are a multitude of actual and exciting  news relevant for a specific fascial oriented training, which Divo will summarize in theory and practice. Take your chance to get up-to-date, recertified and highten your professional competence.

Please note: the course language is English



Divo G. Müller is a pioneer in innovative movement programs. She has been the first internationally authorized Continuum Movement Teacher (Emilie Conrad, Susan Harper) in Europe and is a certified Somatic Experiencing practitioner (Peter Levine). Divo is author of several books, articles and DVDs.

In collaboration with movement scientists she developed her own movement approach called Bodybliss, which she is teaching in courses and trainings in her studio in Munich, as well as internationally. As a part of an international group of sport scientists, fitness coaches and movement therapists in collaboration with the Fascia Research Group, Germany, led by Robert Schleip, she is instrumentally involved in the creation of a specific training for the connective tissues called Fascial Fitness. New Fascial Fitness Programs are the Fascial Toning and the Fascial Training for the Pelvic Floor.

Divo’s talents as a teacher include a profound background of a theoretical and practical understanding, as well as an open curiosity for new scientific findings and a creative translation into movement exercises. Combined with a heartful spirit and a sense for playfulness, Divo enhances an inspiring and supporting field to participants for learning and in depth exploration.

Course Language English
Schedule:  9am - 6 pm, lunch break 1-2 p.m
Kurs Fascial Fitness Recertification Course September
Datum 28.09.2017 – 28.09.2017
Wochentag Do
Status Für Anmeldungen geöffnet
Ort Essentis Bio Hotel
Weiskopffstraße 16/17
12459 Berlin
Kontakt Somatics Academy - Müller & Schleip GbR
Georgenstraße 22
80799 München
Tel. 49 (0)89 38899815
Preis € 180.00
Nr. Datum Zeit Beschreibung
1 28.09.2017 09:00 – 18:00 Fascial Fitness Rezertifizierungskurs