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Various opinions and ideas as to which forms of work and corresponding management models will be most suitable in the future have crystallized.

What is certain, however, is that ongoing digitalization and increasing work density are also contributing to the need to rethink leadership. Individual employees already have an extremely high level of detailed knowledge. Managers can no longer – and do not have to – have detailed knowledge in order to lead well. Qualities that promote self-motivation and motivation in employees when working under high pressure are more important. In this training we will cast light on how coaching skills as a management tool help to create a psychologically safe working environment which creates this working environment. By the end of the week you will be able to implement coaching skills as management tools into your personal leadership style.

Learning objectives of the training:
  • You know the essential characteristics of successful and up-to-date leadership through coaching methods
  • You can effectively implement the methods of coaching in your company with your employees
  • You gain more self-confidence in your role as manager and learn to consciously use your personal strengths and character traits
  • You expand your leadership repertoire through coaching methods that enable you to improve the short-term performance and the long-term development of your employees
  • You will receive peer feedback on your management style and personal strengths
  • Develop key coaching skills – like listening, questioning, remaining silent, and building relationships to engage peers.
  • Learn coaching techniques to improve communication, build trust in the team and build productive relationships with colleagues.  
This signature training takes place at the Hotel Nixe Palace in Palma, Mallorca, Spain. Mallorca can be reached directly from many European destinations. In this exceptional location, you can exchange ideas and network with other managers in addition to exciting learning content in the training:


Training dates: 18.03.-22.03.2024 
Get together lunch Mon 12:00 p.m. - Start of the training 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m
Tue-Thu 09:30 a.m. -17 p.m. including lunch
Fri 09:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m. End of training - Goodbye lunch from 12:30 p.m 
Investment: EUR 2,900.00 plus 19% VAT (business lunch incl.)
EARLYBIRD: until Sept 30, 2023: 2,600.00 plus 19% VAT (business lunch inl.)
Discounted rooms including breakfast in the hotel (170 EUR/night) - Own arrival 
Minimum number of participants: 6 (if the number of registrations is lower, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the seminar by January 18th, 2024)


Your Trainers:



Julia Atkinson

My clients appreciate my passion for appreciative and value-based leadership and my international coaching experience. I am enthusiastic, empathetic, direct and open-minded. I like to share my knowledge and experience with others and maintain constant exchange with my international professional network.

I often work with leaders of international organizations; They like my interactive coaching style and appreciate my best practice sharing and sparring sessions. My long standing know-how of cultural differences supports leaders to understand their diverse teams. Together we work out how to derive synergies from those teams and lift them to the next development and performance level.

For more information: Julia's Website




Antje Brügmann

Many of my clients value my practical approach to training and coaching, the “hands-on” experience and the associated practicability and implementability of the seminar topics in everyday work. Movement and agility - physical and mental - have accompanied me over many years of my professional activity and are now the foundation for interactive training sessions rich in experience.

My work focuses on competence training in the area of self-awareness and communication strategies, which are needed above all in management, especially in the case of realignment and change, but also in negotiations or when faced with special challenges. I offer these as part of management and group training, team building measures or individual coaching.

For more information: Antje's Website


Workshop Face-to-Face-Training in Palma de Mallorca
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Datum 18.03.2024 – 22.03.2024
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1 18.03.2024 14:00 – 14:00 Leaders' Landing Zone: Coaching Skills für Manager