Antenatal class weekender 28.-29.09.24 for you and your (birthing)partner

Learn everything about the most important aspects concerning the birth. We talk in
detail about the specific phases of the birth, as well as what transpires with you and
your body. We show you how your child actively participates during the entire birth,
and how the interaction between you and your baby is attuned. There are various
positions and movements you can implement during the birth that will help you to
cope with labor pains. This will give you the self-assurance to trust in your own body.
Your partner can be a wonderful support to you, and plays an important role in our
courses. In this way, together with your baby, you can meet this challenge head on.
Additional topics are: relaxation exercises, painkillers (natural and
medical), water births, birthing positions, the first hours with the baby. Postnatal phase, the first 6-8 weeks, "Honeymoon" with your Baby - a time, where you need to relax and rest well. We'll talk deeply about this very special time.

This class is recommended from the 30th week of pregnancy. 
This class is for you and your (birthing)partner. Together as a couple you'll go on this journey and it is my concern to prepare your partner and you as a couple in the best possible way. This influneces the birth in a very positiv way. The (additional)partner fee is 150€ and it is most likely and partly covered by your health insurance. After completing the course, you'll receive an invoice, which you can then submit to your health insurance company.

Kurs Antenatal class weekender 28.-29.09.24 for you and your (birthing)partner
Nummer BP-2024-12
Freie Plätze 8
Datum 28.09.2024 – 29.09.2024
Preis EUR 150.00
Ort Hebammerie Hybrid-Kurs

Kontakt Hebammerie
Manteuffelstr. 67
10999 Berlin
Tel. 03061659342
Anmeldeschluss 27.09.2024 01:00
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Nr. Datum Zeit Leiter*in Ort Beschreibung
1 28.09.2024 10:00 – 17:00 Katharina Perreira Hebammerie Hybrid-Kurs Antenatal class 1st child
2 29.09.2024 10:00 – 17:00 Katharina Perreira Hebammerie Antenatal class 1st child