Mastering Authenticity in agile Contexts

Agile leadership is key to success in today’s business environment. You need to manage high levels of complexity, anticipate and guide change, create and communicate innovations, inspire and motivate people so that they can bring out the best in themselves. Question: how do you deal with all these challenges?

Authenticity is a key ingredient in being an agile leader:
The more authentic you are, the more you are aware of your resources and talents, to use them to express your best leadership qualities. If you lead yourself, you will have an impact in leading others in today’s challenging business context. Authenticity enables you to lead more effectively, be credible and to live and work more happily.


Focus: Develop your authenticity!

If you develop your authenticity, you can:

  • Consciously use your strengths to achieve the results which matter most

  • Constructively connect to others with a higher level of empathy and trust

  • Think outside the box to foster innovation

  • Shape behaviors more flexibly to be more at ease in different situations




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  • Overcome old limiting ideas about authenticity

  • Understand how authenticity is key to improve your business performance

  • Discover the archetypal resource model: a map for personal effectiveness

  • Explore how to integrate strength, lovingness and playfulness within yourself to be a more effective leader

  • Develop a more authentic and impactful leadership style



  • 1-day experience-oriented workshop

  • Group coaching to support peer learning

  • Focus on typical work-related issues

  • Systemic constellations for coaching to increase self-awareness

  • Personal insights by contributing to the work of others

Target group:

This workshop is designed to inspire senior leaders and grow their leadership agility through an experiential process and peer-group support.



Francesco Pimpinelli. Partner of Leadership Choices - is an expert in facilitating change for executives and leadership teams through coaching. He supports cultural and behavioral change in key positions in companies in Europe across different industries., so that the organization and the people can more easily express their potential and be more effective in reaching their business goals. His values include authenticity, harmony, courage, innovation and results.


Language: English


Faculty: Francesco Pimpinelli

“It's easier to be who you really are instead of pushing yourself to be different.”

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