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September 2019

Coaching high-performance Teams - AC19.31 B

It is easy to assume that teams will find their way to high performance almost by themselves. In reality, teams are sensitive entities that need attention and grooming in order to deliver truly excel...

Coaching high-performance Teams
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Nummer: AC19.31 B
Datum: 19.09.2019 – 19.09.2019
Ort: Wiesbaden

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November 2019

Fostering Creativity & Innovation - AC19.32 B

Get ready for a fresh start: take the opportunity to gain clarity about how to develop your own creativity and generate innovation in your organization. This intense one-day group-coaching programme ...

Fostering Creativity & Innovation
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800,00 €

Nummer: AC19.32 B
Datum: 07.11.2019 – 07.11.2019
Ort: Wiesbaden

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Coaching high-performance Teams 19.09.2019 Do 800,00 € Warteliste
Fostering Creativity & Innovation 07.11.2019 Do 800,00 € Jetzt anmelden