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Get your child excited about STEM!
This program is specifically designed for younger children and seeks to teach STEM, programming, and computer science concepts and skills in a fun & engaging setting. Our goal is to provide positive experiences with robotics that spark your childs interest in STEM while building future skills and having fun! 

Our program incorporates a variety of the latest tools designed to introduce the basics of computer programing. Additionally, students also enjoy pleanty of unplugged activities and hands-on STEAM experiments, projects, and demos bring the learning to life.


Example Projects

  • Start with screen free coding using ScottieGo and MakeBlock mTiny 
    These tools incorporate off screen programming using physical tiles to introduce coding concepts. These methods are especially great for kids using programming technology for the first time as typing and operating system interface skills are not required to start learning programming concepts.  

    Kids use physical tiles to decompose problems and create solutions step by step, which are then scanned using the camera on a mobile device or smart pen. The resulting “code” looks like Scratch. The computer then interprets and displays the results in a game-like format or via a friendly robot.  Kids enjoy the feeling of accomplishment of helping the robot navigate increasingly challenging tasks while learning about loops/repeat, functions, positive/negative numbers, and if/then conditionals.

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  • Introduce early concepts of science and conputational thinking using space flow and block based coding with SamLabs.
    Using the SAM Space platform, students build code, connect with unique wireless sensor and actuator components and create and innovate systems which provide solutions within a real-world context. Like Scottie Go, a key feature of Sam Labs is to enable kids to learn technology problem solving concepts without having typing or programming syntax skills


  • Introduce Robotics and Block Based Programming with Codey Rockey
    Harnessing the power of mBlock software, Codey Rocky allows children to create dot matrix animations, design games and realize AI and IoT applications. By programming every move made by the robot, not only will children understand each command intuitively, but they will also find it a rewarding experience through hardware creation.
  • Tinkering electronic systems with microbit
    Students are introduced to physical computing as they apply foundational programming skills to implement a simple electronics into hands on tinkering projects. They expand their programming skills beyond tiles or flow coding into Codeblock programming environment (based on Scratch). Kids enjoy using electronic components in a variety of creative STEAM projects, such as: designing a robot pet or learning about animation through building a motorized Zoetrope or learning about the science of additive color mixing and applying it to a visual art installation.


Skills You Gain

  • Problem Solving  
  • Intro to Programming (Phsical Tiles > Flow > Code Blocks)
  • 3D Design
  • Tinkering & Prototyping
  • Intro to Robotocs & Physical Computing with Electronics
  • Fundamentals of Science and Engineering   


Offered As:

 OR camp


Minimum group: A minimum of 5 students is required to start the course.

Materials Fee: All the necessary hardware and software will be provided for the course. 

Status Place Offers Day(s) Time Date Place Price  

January 2021

Basel Stadt Thursday | Junior STEAM Lab Thu 16:45 – 18:00 14/01/2021 – 24/06/2021 ARCADIA Bildungscampus 594.00 CHF Waiting list
  Age: 6-9  (5 with exceptional interest) Challenges adapted to level of student         Course level: Beginner   Course Language: English (DE help possible)   Enrollment: Open to all   Ju