MakeX Switzerland Pre-Registration

Thank you for your interest in Switzerland’s first annual MakeX competition! The first step to participate in the MakeX 2019 Switzerland Robotics Competition is to pre-register your team, comprised of 2 youth team members and a mentor/guardian (Age 18+).

Follow the link to complete the following pre-registration with TechLabs:

  • Identify your team members & team name

  • Select a t-shirt size for each member of the team, including mentor.

  • Select a meal option, one for each member including mentor. 

  • Initiate invoice for the MakeX Switzerland Competition which has a fee of Fr.100. If you have a sponsorship code you can enter it at checkout.

After submitting pre-registration information with TechLabs, your team will receive your official MakeX Registration Code and confirmation.

Contact TechLabs
Luftmattstrasse 3
4052 Basel
Tel. 0041788470555