Webinar Floppy Hammock or Elastic Trampoline

Yogis call it “Mula Bandha”, Pilates Trainer use the term ‚Powerhouse’. Some years ago movement science has documented the siginificance of a healthy tonus regulation of the pelvic floor. Yet conventional training has been mainly focusing on strengthening the muscular layers. Actual Fascia Research highlights the significant role of the collagenous tissue network within the inner pelvis to foster and maintain healthy pelvic floor function. Weakness in resiliency, flexibility as well as in elastic strength are due to the loss of tonicity in the collagenous tissues. With dysfunctional consequences for continence, lumbar stability or sexual vitality. These recent findings lead to a reorientation in training, which will be less muscular, local and static, but much rather orient towards exercises which specifically load the three dimensional fascial network. In a series of three webinars Divo G. Müller will introduce you into the theoretical foundation of the Fascial Plevic Floor Training. The following day there will be a live streaming calss offered by Divo. Covering the practical application in respect to the theoretical content presented during the webinar.

Topics & Dates

Webinar Topic Fascial Pelvic Floor Training Streaming Class Time
May 13 Muscular myths & fascial facts May 14 7:30 - 8:30 pm CET
May 27 Floppy hammock or bouncy trampoline May 28 7:30 - 8:30 pm CET
June 10 Too much, too little? Healthy tonus regulation June 11 7:30 - 8:30 pm CET

Muscular Myths & Fascial Facts

For many women and men the pelvic floor is an unknown inner landscape. Moreover modern medicine has completly forgotten the significance of the collagenous tissues for a functional pelvic floor. In this webinar we complement this conventional view with the fascial component based upon actual findings of fascia reserach. Look forward fo surprising fascial facts leading to an in depth understanding about the importance of a specific fascial training

Date 27.05.2020 – 01.07.2020
Weekday Wed, Sat
Start time 19:30
Price € 12.00
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