Pathway II Seminar

Pathway into Healing and Integration (Pathway II)

This retreat is designed as the second step on the ConSensual Pathway Journey: first we find our energetic and physical blockages, learning that healing is not something we do but something we get when we allow to be with what we feel and then integrate it. Any desires hidden? Feeling habitual reactions? Where is my yes, where is my no? Have I ever given my body full control and security that nothing will happen that contracts? Allowing full power? You will experience a deeper understanding of your consent and boundaries, get that the only person ever able to transgress your boundaries is yourself and feel the liberation that insight can bing. We will go into a whole day of heart opening, to then immerse in authentic surrender, finding the grain of safety in your body that will always guide authentic safety and consent. So, in short: more ‘shit out’ for more ‘sexual pleasure expansion' in. PLEASE NOTE: registration automatically issues an invoice which will not be changed afterwards. Please ensure to put in all your details (including VAT number, company etc) if you wish for this. The invoice states Pathway II Seminar. 

Seminar Pathway II Seminar
Number PHI2024-01
Available places 25
Date 25/01/2024 – 28/01/2024
Price € 620.00
VAT incl.
Contact ConSensual/Q3T srl
Rue de la Bruyere 43
1332 Genval
Tel. 0032499274890
Registration deadline 21/01/2024 12:00
Status Open for registrations
No. Date Time Leader Location Description
1 25/01/2024 10:00 – 23:45 Pathway into Healing
2 26/01/2024 07:00 – 23:45 Pathway into Healing
3 27/01/2024 07:00 – 23:45 Pathway into Healing
4 28/01/2024 08:00 – 17:00 Pathway into Healing