Magical Peru

Spiritual journey to the Inkas in the high Andes
With Hans-Martin Beck and Elke Steinbach

You may call this spiritual journey study trip, expedition, seminar or adventure – or all at the same time. As we dive deep into the heart of the ancient Inka culture we will experience Peru as pilgrims and practitioners of the spiritual tradition of the high Andes.

A new perspective on Peru

What's so unique about this trip is that you will not only receive insights into the spiritual wisdom of the Inkas but also perform powerful exercises, receive authentic initations and feel totally connected with the sacred power places. We encourage you to take this knowledge home and use it in your daily life to charge yourself and feel nourished whenever you are in need.

Study trip, seminar, vacation, adventure

This journey is more than a normal holiday: It's a study trip, an adventure and a seminar with the potential to bring healing on many levels as well as life-changing experiences. 

Authentic and first-hand impressions

You will have first hand and authentic impressions of the ancient and contemporary Inka culture, of the country and the people by meeting and working with indigenous masters, learning about the ancient wisdom, and exercising energetical practices at the original power places.

Tour Magical Peru Part 1
Date 01.08.2019 – 13.08.2019
Registration deadline 01.07.2019 23:55
Price € 2.500,00 – 2.650,00
VAT incl.
Status Implementation confirmed
Places available
Place Tierra Viva Valle Sagrado Urubamba
4to Paradero Yanahura Centro
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Im Lebküchel 7
69181 Leimen
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