Inka Path 1-3

Introduction course into the Inka Tradition with Peruvian masters
Juan and Ivan Núñez del Prado


Ivan und Juan Núñez del Prado

The anthropologist Prof. Juan Núñez Del Prado (on the right) began in 1979 to work with indigenous masters. In order to understand the lessons of  these people he did not only apply anthropological methods but also used the psychology of C. G. Jung as well as sociology, quantum physics and comparative religion.

Spiritual knowledge of the Inkas

Today, he is among the world's most renowned teachers of this wisdom teaching and conveys the spiritual knowledge of the Inkas from Peru in six days in a very compressed and compact way.

Juan and his son Ivan (on the left) together present the cosmovision of the inka tradition and teach a huge variety of exercises in a comprehensive, humorous and very open way. They perform important and powerful initiations, interact deeply with participants and allow them to participate in their personal experiences.

About the Inka Path seminar

This seminar Inka Path 1-3 aims at people regardless of their spiritual experience and knowledge. It consists of three modules whereas each module builds on the previous one. therefor we recommend to visit the courses in this order. Each of the three modules run 2 days, you may attend them together in 6 days or one by one (year by year).
If you are interested in visiting the entire course - introduction plus master class - within 9 days, this is absolutely possible.

Price discount | read carefully

Should you decide to register for all three modules of Inka Path 1-3 (for a total of 6 days), we will grant you an additional 5% discount. Simply enter the code Inka-Pfade-13 in the corresponding fields during the registration procedure.




Weaving the bands of power: video with Juan and Ivan




Seminar Inka Path 1-3 | Goslar
Date 18.10.2019 – 23.10.2019
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