We will explain to you where you can find what you are searching for and what you can set up in edoobox. You will get an overview of all the edoobox areas and, if you have questions about a certain topic, we will be more than happy to answer them at any time. Every online training is therefore also individual.

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If you already have some questions before the training, which you could not answer on your own after the account creation or for which you did not find an answer on our documentation page, we would be grateful if you could write them down before the training. This would help make the session better and faster for both parties. We will then keep the time to help you with all your questions directly during the training.



Frequently asked questions:

  • Costs: one online introduction per account is free of charge, so please make sure that all team members who would like to receive information about edoobox can take part.

  • Recording: the personal online introduction can be recorded and sent to you on request.

  • Presentation: the online introduction can also be used for a specific product presentation after consultation. (support@edoobox.com)

  • Languages: the online introduction will be held in German and can be held in English on request.

  • Procedure: you will receive a confirmation e-mail after the registration with all the important information and the link to the meeting - please make sure that the connection is working before the meeting by carrying out a test as described in the e-mail.